Sara Duterte Should Resign As DepEd Secretary – Barry Gutierrez

Sara Duterte Should Resign As DepEd Secretary

Barry Gutierrez, a former representative of the Akbayan party, recently expressed his opinion that Vice President Sara Duterte should resign from her position as the secretary of the Department of Education (DepEd). He shared his thoughts on social media.

Gutierrez pointed out several political situations involving Duterte’s family and allies. He mentioned that Duterte’s brother, Davao City Mayor Sebastian Duterte, has asked President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to step down from his role. Additionally, former President Rodrigo Duterte, who is Sara Duterte’s father, accused President Marcos of being on a drug list maintained by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

However, the PDEA has clarified that this accusation is not true. They confirmed that President Marcos has never been on their drug list.

Gutierrez suggested that Vice President Duterte’s silence on these matters shows a lack of delicadeza, a Spanish term often used in the Philippines to mean propriety or a sense of proper behavior. He indicated that due to these controversies and her silence, it would be appropriate for her to resign from her cabinet position. Gutierrez also hinted that it might be difficult for someone to leave a position of power if they are benefiting from it.

This situation has sparked discussions about the roles and responsibilities of public officials and the importance of delicadeza in Philippine politics.