Will There Be a Salary Increase for Teachers in 2024?

Will There Be a Salary Increase for Teachers in 2024?

Are you wondering if teachers and other government workers will get a salary increase in 2024? Let’s look at what some important people and organizations are saying about this.

First, Mr. Antonio Tinio from the ACT Teachers Partylist shared some hopeful news. He said that there could be a salary increase in 2024 if a couple of things happen quickly. The Congress and the Senate need to pass a new law called the Salary Standardization Law (SSL). They also need to make sure there is enough money in the budget to pay for these raises.

However, Mr. Tinio also warned that if finding the money is tough and the law takes a long time to pass, the salary increase might have to wait until 2025.

On the other hand, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) is also working on something related. They are studying how much salaries should be adjusted for government workers. They plan to finish this study by the end of June 2024.

The DBM is also prepared to help put these salary changes into action once everything is approved. They are committed to making sure that the salaries for government workers are fair and competitive. They mentioned that they will find ways to fund these raises, depending on the extra money that the government collects.

So, there is hope for a salary increase in 2024, but a few important steps need to be completed first. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly!