DepEd Anticipates Challenging Outcomes in PISA 2022 Assessments

DepEd Anticipates Challenging Outcomes in PISA 2022 Assessments

As the Philippines awaits the release of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2022 results, the Department of Education (DepEd) is not optimistic about high scores. This sentiment stems from the country’s previous performance, where it ranked last in reading comprehension among 79 countries.

In a strategic response, DepEd has realigned its funding priorities. Michael Poa, the DepEd Spokesperson, announced a proposal to redirect P150 million in confidential funds to the National Learning Recovery Program (NLRP). This initiative aims to enhance Filipino students’ competencies in reading, mathematics, and science — the core subjects assessed by PISA and other global benchmarks.

This decision underscores a significant shift in the department’s focus. “To be honest, we’re not expecting good results. So right now, we’re really focused on learning recovery,” Poa stated in an interview with CNN Philippines’ The Source.

The Philippines’ engagement with PISA began only recently in 2018, resulting in a less than favorable debut. The country performed the worst in reading and second-worst in science and mathematics among the participating nations. This year, DepEd launched three national programs emphasizing mathematics, science, and reading as part of its learning recovery plan, highlighting a concentrated effort to uplift the educational standards.

DepEd’s proactive approach also involves the Sulong Edukalidad program, aimed at improving the quality of basic education in the Philippines by enhancing the K to 12 curriculum, upgrading facilities, and developing the skills of teachers and school heads. These efforts are part of a broader strategy to transition from widening access to education to improving its quality.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic posed a significant challenge, disrupting this transition and forcing schools to close and shift to distance learning. Despite these hurdles, the DepEd remains committed to its goals.

The final provisions of the DepEd budget, including the realignment of the P150 million figure, will be determined at the bicameral conference between the Senate and the House of Representatives. With the 2022 PISA scores set to be released on December 5, the DepEd’s current strategies reflect a deep-seated commitment to reforming and improving the Philippine educational landscape.