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Teacher’s Group Slams DepEd for PBB Release Delay Amid Crisis

Teacher’s Group Slams DepEd for PBB Release Delay Amid Crisis


The ACT National Capital Region (NCR) Union, which represents teachers in the Philippines, has expressed its disappointment and frustration with the Department of Education (DepEd) for its negligence in complying with the requirements needed for the release of the Performance-based Bonus (PBB) for fiscal year 2021. The PBB is a much-needed financial relief for teachers struggling to make ends meet amidst an economic crisis.

Negligence Causes Delay:

According to the government’s PBB Task Force, the DepEd Central Office has yet to submit its Report on Ranking of Delivery Units. This is despite the task force evaluating the agency to be eligible for PBB 2021 in January 26, 2023. ACT NCR Union President Ruby Bernardo expressed outrage at the DepEd’s failure to fulfill its obligations on time, which has resulted in a significant delay in the release of the PBB.

Teachers Face Financial Struggles:

Bernardo highlighted the plight of teachers who have been eagerly awaiting the release of the PBB as they struggle to provide for their families with insufficient salaries. The delay has forced many teachers to resort to taking out loans to make ends meet, which continue to accrue interest every day the PBB release is postponed.

Disillusionment with DepEd Leadership:

The ACT NCR Union President further criticized the DepEd leadership for their contradictory actions, discrediting legitimate demands for salary upgrades, adequate classrooms, and additional teachers. Instead of addressing these issues, Bernardo accused the DepEd of spending time on red-tagging and attacking the union that fights for the rights and interests of teachers.

Call to Action:

In light of the upcoming International Labor Day, Bernardo urged the DepEd to fulfill its constitutional duty as a state employer to champion labor rights by immediately granting the PBB and supporting the call for upgrading teachers’ salaries. The Union advises the DepEd to focus more on addressing the concerns of teachers and the education sector, instead of diverting or gaslighting their issues.


The ACT NCR Union’s disappointment in the Department of Education’s negligence serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by teachers in the Philippines. As they continue to work tirelessly to educate future generations, it is crucial that their welfare and rights are upheld by the institutions they serve. It is now up to the DepEd to take action and prioritize the well-being of its employees by releasing the much-awaited Performance-based Bonus and supporting the call for improved salaries and working conditions.

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