DepEd Declares No Nationwide Class Cancellations in Light of Upcoming Transport Strike

DepEd Declares No Nationwide Class Cancellations in Light of Upcoming Transport Strike

The Department of Education (DepEd) has announced that it will not issue a nationwide directive for class cancellations amidst the scheduled three-day transport strike starting Monday, November 20. This decision comes as the Pinagkaisang Samahan ng mga Tsuper at Operators Nationwide gears up for a nationwide demonstration.

The transport strike, organized by a major operators’ union, is set to disrupt daily commuting across the country. This move is a response to unresolved issues within the transport sector, echoing similar protests in recent years.

In a statement released Saturday, DepEd emphasized that the decision to suspend classes will rest with local government units (LGUs). “No cancellation of classes will be issued by the Department of Education,” the statement read, shifting the responsibility to regional authorities.

The advisory underlines the role of LGUs in monitoring local conditions and making decisions on class suspensions. This decentralized approach is seen as a way to tailor responses to specific local needs and conditions.

The announcement has drawn mixed reactions. Parents express concerns over student safety and transportation challenges, while teachers highlight the potential disruption to academic schedules. Transport union leaders maintain that the strike is necessary to bring attention to their long-standing grievances.

In light of potential commuting challenges, some schools are considering alternative arrangements, such as remote learning or adjusted schedules, to ensure educational continuity.

Experts are evaluating the long-term implications of DepEd’s decision on educational policy and public transportation reform. The situation highlights the ongoing tension between government bodies and transport unions.

As the situation develops, parents and students are advised to stay updated with announcements from their respective LGUs regarding class cancellations.