New DepEd Policies Set to Increase Teacher Salaries and Benefits in the Philippines

New DepEd Policies Set to Increase Teacher Salaries and Benefits in the Philippines

Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte, in her presentation of the 2024 Basic Education Report at Sofitel Hotel, Pasay City, announced significant initiatives by the Department of Education (DepEd) to enhance the benefits and net pay of teachers across the Philippines.

Duterte stressed the department’s dedication to improving teachers’ salaries, stating, “To our dear teachers and staff, we will not stop finding ways and laying down policies to address your net take-home pay issues.”

A major development is the “Teaching Overload Pay” policy, designed to compensate teachers for hours taught beyond the standard 6-hour workday, as stated in the Magna Carta for Teachers.

Additionally, Duterte announced plans for overtime compensation for teachers. Previously compensated through service credits for non-teaching tasks, the next budget cycle will propose enabling overtime pay for teachers.

The government is also establishing a calamity fund to provide immediate financial assistance to teachers and staff during disasters and medical emergencies. Understanding the financial burden caused by such emergencies, Duterte declared, “We will also propose and fervently move for the amendment of an Administrative Order that will allow us to finally provide health insurance for our teachers and non-teaching personnel.” This proposal is significant, as currently, public school teachers have access to a Personal Accident Insurance policy through a partnership with the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS). This policy offers up to P100,000 coverage for accidental death or dismemberment and up to P30,000 per year for medical reimbursement due to injuries sustained in accidents.

Further addressing professional development, Duterte mentioned the CPD concerns. DepEd is collaborating with the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) to streamline the accreditation process for DepEd-NEAP Professional Development programs. This initiative will relieve teachers from the financial burden of acquiring CPD units, necessary for renewing their professional licenses.

Michael Poa, a DepEd spokesperson, noted that while a salary increase for teachers is under consideration, the new policies aim to immediately enhance their net take-home pay. Poa added, “We’re looking for different ways to augment the net take-home pay.”

Duterte also disclosed DepEd’s collaboration with the World Bank to study teacher salaries, which will inform future salary increase proposals.

In conclusion, the DepEd’s new policies under Vice President Duterte’s leadership mark a major stride in supporting the financial and professional welfare of teachers in the Philippines. By addressing pay, benefits, professional development, and health insurance, these initiatives demonstrate a strong commitment to the educators who are instrumental in shaping the nation’s future.