Lawmaker Wants Full 20k Service Recognition Incentive for Public School Teachers

Lawmaker Wants Full P20,000 Service Recognition Incentive for Public School Teachers

ACT Teachers Party-list Representative France Castro asked the government to give a full P20,000 Service Recognition Incentive to every public school teacher. This request followed President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.’s decision to allow a one-time bonus for government workers.

Castro mentioned that teachers, who often handle classes with 50-60 students, much more than the ideal 35, should get this full amount. She was disappointed that the Department of Education doesn’t support extra pay for teachers with big classes.

Castro criticized the Department of Education for not paying teachers enough, while expecting them to work very hard. She thinks this is part of the reason why there are problems in education in the country.

She ended by saying that teachers and staff should get the full P20,000 before Christmas, to help them and their families with their expenses.