16 new vehicles for the Department of Education

16 new vehicles for the Department of Education

In an inspiring move to enhance the educational experience in Cebu City, Mayor Michael Rama has announced a plan to provide service vehicles to all public school districts within the city. This initiative is part of a broader effort by the City Government to bolster education and make learning more accessible and effective for students.

The announcement came during a special event at the Labangon Elementary School, where Mayor Rama was present to distribute 1,500 smart television sets to schools across Cebu City. These smart TVs are set to transform the classroom environment, enabling a more interactive and technology-driven approach to education.

Mayor Rama’s commitment to education doesn’t stop at smart TVs. He also mentioned the City’s plans to equip schools with sound systems for various school activities. The highlight, however, is the provision of service vehicles for the school districts under the Department of Education (DepEd)-Cebu City, addressing a significant need for transportation.

There are currently 16 districts, evenly divided between the north and south congressional districts of Cebu City, under DepEd’s oversight. The lack of vehicles has been a pressing issue, affecting the delivery of learning materials and the ability of students to participate in external activities like sports and other events. District supervisors also face challenges in performing their supervisory duties due to this transportation gap.

Mayor Rama’s announcement was a response to these challenges, showing his deep understanding of the needs of both students and teachers. By providing vehicles, the City Government aims to ease the transportation woes related to educational activities and the distribution of materials.

To bring this plan to fruition, Mayor Rama has tasked City Councilor Donaldo Hontiveros, along with Local School Board (LSB) Head Kimberly Esmeña and overseer Ian Hassamal, to expedite the process. The upcoming LSB meeting, attended by school principals and district representatives, will be a crucial step in discussing and implementing the vehicle provision plan.

This initiative underscores the City Government’s dedication to supporting education in Cebu City. Mayor Rama also took the opportunity to remind teachers of the importance of their role, emphasizing teaching as not just a job but a vocation fueled by passion.

Through these efforts, Cebu City is setting a remarkable example of how local governments can play a pivotal role in enhancing education and supporting their communities.