15k Medical Allowance for Teachers with Tax Exemption

15k Medical Allowance for Teachers with Tax Exemption

In an important move for the welfare of public school teachers, Representative Crispin Diego Remulla from Cavite has put forward a proposal that could significantly benefit these educators. His proposal suggests giving all public school teachers an annual allowance of P15,000 specifically for their medical expenses. This proposal is part of House Bill No. 9969, also known as the “Medical Expense Allowance for Teachers Act.”

Representative Remulla believes that the health and well-being of teachers are essential to the quality of education they provide. The bill aims to fill the gap in resources and support available to teachers for their health-related needs. This gesture is also seen as a way to show appreciation for the teachers’ unwavering commitment to education.

One of the key features of this proposed bill is that the medical expense allowance would be tax-exempt. This means teachers wouldn’t have to pay any taxes on this amount, allowing them to fully use it for medical supplies and treatments. Furthermore, the bill includes a provision to adjust the allowance amount every three years. This adjustment will ensure that the allowance keeps pace with the changing costs of medical supplies and treatments.

The funding for this initiative would come from the Department of Education‘s annual budget. Additionally, the bill requires the Secretary of Education to periodically review the allowance. This review could lead to recommendations for increasing the allowance amount, ensuring it continues to meet teachers’ needs.

This proposal comes at a time when there’s a growing recognition of the challenges public school teachers face, including the need for better health care support. A similar bill was previously filed by members of the Makabayan bloc, seeking a P10,000 allowance for medical examinations and treatments for teachers. This earlier proposal cited the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers Act as its basis.

Both bills are now under review by the House Committee on Basic Education and Culture. This step forward highlights the ongoing efforts to improve the support and resources available to public school teachers, acknowledging their crucial role in shaping the future through education.