Guidelines on the Delivery, Distribution, and Registration of SIM Cards for the Provision of Connectivity Load

Guidelines on the Delivery, Distribution, and Registration of SIM Cards for the Provision of Connectivity Load

To ensure ease in communication and unhampered delivery of services in the midst of COVID – 19 pandemic, the Department of Education (DepEd ) procured Smart Communication, Inc. sim cards and connectivity load for all of its teaching and non-teaching personnel.

In this regard, the Office of the Undersecretary for Administration (OUA) through the Information and Communication Technology Service – Technology Infrastructure Division (ICTS-TID) hereby issues the following guidelines on the delivery, distribution, and registration of sim cards for the provision of connectivity load.

1. The table below details the offices/ officers responsible for releasing sim cards to identified recipients.

2. Permanent, contractual and local government unit (LGU)-paid personnel who are working in DepEd Schools and offices are allowed to receive sim cards.

3. The sim cards shall be delivered to ROs and SDOs between 05 July to 16 July 2021.

4. The identified issuing authority should release the sim cards to all Teaching and non-teaching personnel by 23 July 2021.

5. The Supply Officers and School Property Custodian shall register all the sim cards through All sim cards will be activated with and initial 34GB load on 30 June 2021, which will be  usable for one year. Sim cards which are not registered on the website will not be loaded for the second month. Additional guidelines will be released for the provision of connectivity load in the succeeding months.

6. The release of a sim card to a DepEd Employee shall be recorded following the procedures cited in Annexes A and B. For the Allocation per Region, please refer to Annex C.

7. A communal email with user ID [email protected] shall serve as a helpdesk/ communication channel for the load recipients. Likewise, Smart Communications, Inc and Curo Teknika will be sending SMS notice to load recipients using the name “DepEdCARE”.

8. All sim cards that are not distributed to school and SDO personnel by the end of July 2021 should be returned to the Division Supply Officer for appropriate accounting. The same applies to the Regional Supply Officer for RO personnel.

Read OUA MEMO 00-0721-0015 for more details.