DepEd actions to reduce teacher workload

DepEd actions to reduce teacher workload

Recently, the Department of Education (DepEd) sent a message to their provincial directors to cut down on extra work for teachers. It came after a report dated November 26, 2023, showed that teachers were doing jobs that should have been done by large offices.

The message reminds everyone of the laws and regulations that protect teachers. These include the Magna Carta for public school teachers and several DepEd mandates. This code explains what teachers should and should not do.

The DepEd said leaders in district offices and departmental offices such as commissioners and district superintendents should not give unnecessary services to teachers. This allows teachers to focus more on teaching.

If someone in the DepEd doesn’t follow this rule, they could get in trouble. Actions may be faced under the DepEd’s own rules governing the handling of such cases.

The DepEd is serious about this and wants everyone to follow these guidelines. This is to ensure teachers can do their best to teach without adding additional stress.