Korean Romantic Comedy: Everybody Needs a Slice of It

“Love makes the world go round.” This famous quote is indeed true and is clear in every man who is in love. They say that to be happy, all we need is love. As an author, I will say to make the  k-drama addicts go happy, we need a slice(sure?? I think not a slice but a whole..hahha) of love, and to achieve that we need our everyday dose of romantic comedy  K-Drama. This genre is surely loved by all races but I personally think that Koreans make it to the highest level than other races do (in terms of kilig factor though). Different countries create their own styles and own versatility when it comes to genres like this as I do not compare each. I personally prefer the K-tide sort of thing (because k-dramas esp romcom make the butterflies in my belly go wild haha). 

Romantic Comedy or in short RomCom  is a genre that depicts a slice of life fiction focusing on lighthearted humorous plot lines centered on romantic ideas. It is a blend of romance with comedy and contain elements of both genres. It is in fact charming, funny love stories that usually end on a happy note. It simply goes with the idea of a boy-girl meet cute and falls in love with each other in the long run. 

Most k-drama addicts dwell-in and get obsessed with the love story and how it makes us feel loved and be in love with the characters in the drama (imagining we are the main lead). Well, actually it all depends on the fanatic herself like me. I say that these dramas are not only a form of motivation but it also give us hints and lessons on how we live our lives and give love to others (specially our partners if married) without hesitation. As for me, every slice of happiness these dramas give me is a reminder for me to love endlessly.

I am pretty sure that you can relate if you are reading this article. Well, a slice of, as piece or a whole may be even. I have seen so many of the Korean romantic comedies and so far there is none of them that I don’t like since all of them keeps me falling in love over and over again. It is better to watch this genre compared to those series which will make you cry.  – Clea | Helpline PH