Characters in the World of the Married that you will Hate Most

As the 10th episode aired last week, more viewers are vouching their excitement and patiently waiting for the next episodes to be out this week. This drama is very famous recently because of its unique twist and turn of events that will make you go on a roller coaster ride. In other words, this drama is one of a kind. With the fame this drama is receiving from the viewers, comes along the hate for the numerous characters of this very trending K-drama series.

Lee Tae-Oh

The ex-husband who seemed to still have lingering feelings towards his ex-wife. I just don’t get it why he is causing chaos when he was the first one to betray Sun Woo. As a viewer, I can’t help but curse this character every time he ran into Sun Woo and tried to harass her. After two years of being divorced, he should have blamed himself for destroying his perfect family but on the contrary, he went back to Gosan to live there with his new wife? I can’t imagine how abominable this character is. He is total garbage with a junk brain that doesn’t deserve pity. He is deranged but none of them except Sun Woo seemed to know.

Yeo Da-kyung

This angelic face is only her shell when in fact she is a rotten witch on the inside. She is definitely the reason why Sun Woo’s family is destroyed. She is beautiful, young and smart yet she threw herself into a poisonous affair with Lee Tae-oh even though she clearly knew the consequences of being with a married man. This character should be punished. 

Seol Myung-sook

She is absolutely a representation of a “two-faced friend” who acts rightful in front of someone but stabs her at the back. This character is the worst one. She doesn’t suit her character as a doctor because it seemed for me that no secrets can be kept if she is your doctor. Same goes with her back stabbing Sun Woo and spying on her in behalf of Lee Tae-Oh. She does not care for the other person’s feelings at all. A hypocrite personality who acts positively and negatively.  In all aspects, a relatable character in real life. This just gives the viewers a hint to “never trust anybody” even your closest friends for they may betray you in any case possible. This character’s happiness is the sadness of the other one.

Son Je-hyuk

As far as the drama is concern, this character is a real depiction of a discontented husband. He has everything a man has ever had. Career, house, car and most importantly a good wife. All of it , he just wasted away. This character is as annoying as ever (sorry but I saw his role in CLOY that’s why I don’t like his character here). I hate to see this face during the scenes (I want to skip his part) because I clearly hate men who likes to hurt their wives. He deserves what he got after his wife found out his affair and throw him out immediately. After all, his wife is patiently waiting for him and he is already full of his shit so he deserve to be disowned (I just hope the wife will not forgive him in the later episodes though).

Park In-kyu

My head hurts every time this character pops out of nowhere. It’s really creepy knowing that he went in and out of prison for badly hurting his girlfriend to the extent of traumatizing her. Then, Lee Tae-oh hired him to harass Sun Woo and scare the hell out form our heroine. This antagonist is a freak as well as a puppet who goes out to haunt people for money. In this drama, he seemed to really love his girlfriend but in a harsh way. I just hope he was the one who died in the latter part of episode 10. 

Yeo Byung-gyu

He is the character that definitely tells us that a father will do everything to protect his daughter, even trying to enter a needle’s hole just for her. This character knows everything that is going on with her daughter’s affair but he is keeping silent. Then his daughter caused the divorce still he is quiet. Then his daughter married the man who is most likely to cheat again and again but he is still supporting him instead and giving him fund for his business. Though it might occur to us that his actions are more that of a fatherly love for his daughter but still, it is unjust to drive Sun Woo away just to make his daughter happy. Although as for me he is not that really hatable at all, but in some scenes he just merely tolerates the wrongdoings of his daughter instead of correcting them. The fact alone that he spoil Da Kyung is the starting point why Da-kyung is confident enough to have the affair, because she has a father who will always root for her. 

That’s it folks. I hope you will not let your blood boil down upon watching the next two episodes that will air today and tomorrow. Let us all wait patiently for the next episodes. – Clea | Helpline PH