A World of Married Couple: A Highly Recommended K-Drama Series

Today’s talk of the town is about this new  korean drama series entitles A World of Married Couple. After the netizen’s love for the romantic comedy Crash Landing on You (CLOY), another series caught the attention of everyone because of this drama’s twists and turns that made it very nerve wrecking and pulse throbbing. A World of Married Couple is a highly delicious entertainment for those who are fond of thrills and suspense. This drama revolves around our very famous protagonist Dr. Ji Sun-Woo, a family medical doctor who is married to Lee Tae-Oh. The couple had a son, Lee Jong-Yoon. The family is a typical one having led a life of perfection. With them are the family’s called “close friends” that laugh and bond with them together but later on turned traitors. The seemingly perfect world turns-upside down when the husband, Lee Tae-oh falls in a pit of dangerous forbidden relationship with an innocent-faced beautiful Da Kyung.

In the first episode of the movie you will never expect it to be very appealing but as episode one runs its time, intense scenes and realizations will then be uncovered. The perfect world is actually a very chaotic world with lots of lunatic surrrounding it. As a viewer, you may not really foresee or guess the characters’ next moves and how it will resolve. This series is unlike no other that you will surely wait for the next episodes crazily (haha..based on experience). Yes, more viewers can relate to this . We all wait for the next episodes like crazy and  while waiting for it, our minds kept boggling as to what the next episode may give us and what more revelations will be given to us. 

This drama so far is the best time-killer this quarantine period. This will hook you up from the very first episode to the next one. This drama will give the viewers full packed of imagination. I can personally say that this drama has a lot more to offer. Lessons about life after getting married, having a child, having a family and building your family. Wait, there’s more: Love, hatred, betrayal, trust, loyalty, fear, and many more emotions depict this drama. This will clearly tell us everything about being married and being in a crucial relationship with a married person. This drama is a mix of everything. I suggest folks, if you would want to watch this drama then prepare yourself for a roller-coaster ride this drama will give you. – Clea | Helpline PH