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Hilarious! 8 out of 10 teachers deal with intense flatulence “panuhot” all year round

Hilarious! 8 out of 10 teachers deal with intense flatulence “panuhot” all year round

As funny as it can be, 8 out of 10 teachers deal with intense flatulence all year round. Yes, it is true and I am one of them. Have you ever had flatulence in your entire life? I am sure you always have experienced once, twice or even more. As for me, it is embarrassing to admit but this the truth. I have flatulence all year round as long as I can remember.

Many teachers deal with intense flatulence to the extent they have to make sure they have remedy. Funny it may be but there are people like me who suffered a lot because of this disorder. If you are a lot like me, I am sure you can relate to this topic. Hear my own experience first. 

What is flatulence?

Teachers deal with intense flatulence like any other common people. As a teacher, I have to know what flatulence is and how to cope with it. This affects my work every time I experience flatulence. Flatulence is a buildup of gas in the digestive system that can lead to abdominal pain.

Most of us experience flatulence but it is only mild. Sometimes, excessive flatulence can cause discomfort and distress. It is the result of eating certain food but sometimes, it leads to some serious condition. Many teachers deal with intense flatulence and it is a burden.

How often do I get flatulence?

Whenever I expose myself to an air-conditioner or fan, I will have flatulence. Yes, this is true to most Filipinos (avoid all fans). My personal observation of my body is I have open pores allowing the passage of air inside my body. It will then collect and later on I will get bloated and the start of my sorrow.

As you see, many doctors will laugh by the thought of having flatulence because of the air from the fan. In the Visayas, we call it “Panuhot” and doctors will not accept it in medical term. They always have another reason for that. Yet, I know as a person that the air-conditioner or the fan is my enemy. In our house, I did not want to install an air conditioner because of this.

My personal remedy

As a teacher with flatulence all year round, it is difficult to work when it will attack you. I have to be very careful with my environment. I have to also be careful with what I eat since this will trigger excess gas and makes be bloat. I have to be careful always because once I get flatulence, it takes three days for me to get relief.

Teachers deal with intense flatulence and it is undeniable that it affects our line of work. Yet, with are also well-prepared in times like this.  – Clea | Helpline PH