Guidelines in Getting a Marriage License in the Philippines

Marriage is probably one of the most anticipated events in our lifetime. Couples get busy and sometimes overwhelmed with all the preparations that have to be done. Aside from the budget, the couple will also have to choose a convenient time not only for them but also for others who have an important role during the wedding.

Before we get to the nitty-gritty of the whole wedding preparation let us consider first the very first step which is to get a marriage license. There will be no possibility of holding a legal wedding without a marriage license.

Two monkey Travel Group and Smart Parenting discussed the essential steps in acquiring a Marriage License in the Philippines.

Marrying Parties Pre-wedding Status

  • Both parties should be at least 18 years old and above or the legal age.
  • Both parties should not be related by blood up to 4th degree
  • If any of the marrying party is 25 years old and below then they should ask their parents for parental consent or advice as part of the requirement.
  • Both marrying parties should not be involved in any previous marriage unless they are widowed, annulled, or divorced.

Marriage License Requirements

A. The Certificate of No Marriage or Cenomar

You can get this through the nearest PSA office or online. Kindly go to the PSA Serbilis Website. Click “Click here to request now” and start filling out the forms.

B. PSA copies of Birth Certificates

Just like CENOMAR, you can also process this document online through the PSA Serbilis Website.

C. Parental consent affidavit that is notarized for applicants 25 years old and below

D. Premarriage Counseling Certificate of Attendance

You can get this through attending the pre-marriage counseling which is scheduled by the Local Civil Registrar. Go to your Local Civil Registrar and ask for the schedule.

E. Valid ID

Company IDs especially government IDs are considered valid. Examples are:

  • Passport
  • Voter’s ID or Certificate of Registration
  • BIR (TIN ID)
  • Solo Parent ID
  • Company ID
  • School ID with current registration card
  • Senior Citizen ID
  • Postal ID

F. Community Tax Certificate or Cedula

You can easily get your Cedula at your municipal hall. Just bring a valid ID, provide personal details like birth date, and pay for the Cedula.

G. Baranggay Certificate

Get your Baranggay Certificate at the Baranggay where you are residing. Fees may vary in every Baranggay.

H. Additional Marriage License Requirements for 18-21 years old

  • The physical appearance of parents
  • Parental consent
  • Both parents of the marrying parties need to be physically present if the marrying parties are 18 to 21 years old.

I. Additional Marriage License Requirements for 22-25 years old

  • Parental advice
  • Physical appearance or Written Advice

Parents of the marrying parties should appear before the Local Civil Registrar or at least you can provide a letter stating that they are informed that you are getting married. if they do not agree with your decision of getting married you need a sworn statement that indicates that you informed your parents about your decision to getting married but they disagreed.

J. Additional Marriage License Requirements for Widowed

  • Death Certificate of the deceased spouse

You can acquire this online by visiting the PSA Serbilis Website or you can go to the nearest PSA office.

K. Additional Marriage License Requirements for Annulled

  • The Finality of Annulment Certificate issued by the court
  • Certificate of Registration from Civil registrar for the registration of the Annulment papers

Obtain your Certificate of Registration for registration of the Annulment Papers and a Certificate of Finality of Annulment issued by the Court from Civil Registrar.

L. Additional Marriage License Requirements for Foreign Applicant

  • Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry (from the foreign embassy)

Your foreign fiance can acquire this Certificate through his/her foreign embassy or consulate.

  • Passport (bio-page)
  • The Bio-page of the passport of your foreign fiance.
  • Copy of stamp on your latest arrival in the Philippines

Applicable for your foreign fiance.

  • Divorce decree (if divorced)

If your foreign fiance is divorced then he/she must secure a Divorce decree issued by his/her country before coming to the Philippines.

  • Death Certificate of deceased spouse (if widowed)

Your foreign fiance should secure the death certificate of his/her deceased spouse before coming to the Philippines if his/her spouse died outside the Philippines.

  • Naturalization paper (if naturalized)

If your foreign fiance is a naturalized citizen of another country, then he/she should secure the documents that prove that he/she is a naturalized citizen from what he/she claimed as his/her country and that the said country considers him/her as their citizen.

Acquiring a Marriage License

After gathering all the documents and papers needed for a Marriage license go to your Local Civil Registrar and file these documents. You also need to pay for the fee of your marriage license and wait for 10 days before it will be released.

Almost every document you need can be processed online now so it will b easier for you to get your hands on those important documents. – karie | Helpline PH