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COT-RPMS (Inter - Observer Agreement Form)

Directions for the observers:

Discuss with the other observers your reason/s for rating in each indicator. In case of different ratings, come up with a final rating. The final rating is NOT an average; it is a rating based on a reasoned and consensual judgment. Indicate this rating on a column for Final Rating.

Note that if the Ratee gets NO (Not Observed) in an indicator, write 3 as the Final Rating.


  1. Apply knowledge of content within across curriculum teaching areas.
  2. Plan and deliver teaching strategies that are responsive to the special educational needs of learners in difficult circumstances, including; geographic isolation; chronic illness; displacement due to armed conflict, urban resettlement or disasters; child abuse and child labor practices.
  3. Select, develop, organize and use appropriate teaching and learning resources, including ICT, to address learning goals.