“Teacher” and the honest prejudices of people

“Teacher” and the honest prejudices of people

Today we will learn the honest prejudices of people when they hear the word “teacher”. Human as we are, we have different outlook in life and in different things as well. Every profession may have different vibes for every individual. For others, they have this assumed opinion of how they look at teachers in general.

The honest prejudices of people when they hear the word “teacher” prevails the most. The fact that teachers scatter themselves in every part of the country means we are huge in number. Although we are the biggest family, people see us as one in general.

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It is now the time to talk about the honest prejudices of people when they hear the word “teacher”.

People assumed that…

1. Do have lots of money.

This is the first misconception of people. They think that we can afford everything and we are rich. Folks, please understand that our salary is not even enough. The only thing that keeps us going is the term “loan“. So change your prejudice about us. We always look presentable to our learners of course but it’s only the way we look. We are not rich and we have so many loans you never can imagine exist.

2. Saints and perfect.

They think that we are perfect and will not commit mistakes. Remember, we are also human like you. We also commit mistakes and can go wrong sometimes. We are not saints but we are trying to build our character very well for the sake of our students who look up to us.

3. Don’t party with a lot of people.

You are definitely wrong. The term “party” is innate to us as well. Of course, we do parties with our special and close friends only. Sometimes, we need to enjoy life as well you know. This is the best medicine for stress. We also need to socialize.

4. Know everything.

Wrong, wrong and you are definitely wrong. We teachers don’t stop learning. The wisdom we have is still lacking because the more our age increases, the more we seek knowledge.

5. Supermen and wonder-women.

We are people like you and we also sleep at night. We are not superheroes that can do everything right at one time. We do our thing in the right span of time with proper jurisdictions as well.

6. don’t get sick and are always active.

Who does think of us teachers this way? We always get sick but we never complain. Instead, we medicate ourselves to return back to our post as soon as possible. We are also prone to sickness but thanks to the heavens for not forsaking us when we are very tired.

7. Teaching is a boring profession.

Most people don’t want to become teachers because they love inculcating the learners. Some become teachers because they don’t’ have a choice. Others do have different courses before taking up their bridging course. The only thing I can say is if you are a born a teacher, you will always love teaching no matter what. It is in your blood, the thirst for knowledge. You will never get bored becoming a “teacher” because this is your first love.

People may have different presumptions about our work. The most important thing is that: we teachers know our value in the hands of our students. – Clea | Helpline PH