Students Activities to Avoid Unproductivity during Enhanced Community Quarantine

You have been probably binge-watching Korea Novelas and sharing too many memes on Social Media. Sure thing you have fixed your bed after you wake up and even challenge your self to be the “official dishwasher of the household” for many weeks now. But Nah! You missed washing some plates after dinner because you don’t want to miss the free links on Facebook for you to catch up with Itaewon Class, World of the Married Couple, and another top-notch K-dramas, that would be deleted soon. Your mom might be nagging at this very moment while your busy reading some comments on your Social Media post. She does not seem convinced that what you are doing is of high importance and would probably affect your self-esteem and so the nagging continues and you felt that you probably need something to keep you busy other than playing around and minding other people’s business on Social Media plus it would help to make your mom stop nagging at you. 

Good thing I have some lifesaver tips for you to do and get on with life and win against being unproductive. One of the things that you can do is learn a new skill. You can learn, baking, cooking, writing, and even dancing. Maybe some students already learned baking in school especially students who had a subject about bread and pastry. But not all students will learn all the skills other students learned. Some are good at writing, cooking, and dancing but some are not. And so to avoid wasting our precious time, we must learn some skill that is unfamiliar to us. The more skill we learn the more productive we can get. You can also learn new skills online such as navigating through Adobe Photoshop, Canva, and other online tools that help you create stunning pictures and art.   Next is to improve your health. The saying “health is wealth” remains true today and will remain true in the future. Your Millions of dollars won’t matter if you’re sick. Yes, you can always go to expensive hospitals and hire the best doctors to treat you but your physical body can only take so much.  Countless rich and famous individuals have died because they were careless about their health thinking their money could save them. So stop abusing your body by eating junks and depriving oneself to sleep. Start cooking fresh vegetables and cut your junk food consumption by at least 95% or better never to eat bad food. Increase water intake. You have all the time in the world to go to the bathroom several times a day and release that urine. Consider this as a way of cleansing your body. Water helps remove toxins in our body. Exercise more. Set several minutes for you to concentrate on exercising. 

Another important thing to do to avoid unproductivity is to plant. Be more aggressive in agricultural matters. Concern yourself about mother nature and the issues it is facing today. Be in the know on how to save mother nature and contribute to its growth. Consider organic food for life sustainability and health. Learn financial literacy. One of the subjects which I think our education system lacks is teaching students how to handle finances. Yes, we know the basics like saving and not spending on useless things but how about growing and investing our money. Students should at least have a valuable idea about ethically growing money without wasting time and effort. Lastly, have more bonding time with your family. We are always busy at school and work that we forgot our parents are also growing old. So spend more time with them. Talk to them more often. Share a good laugh and inspire them.

We are uncertain about how long this pandemic will remain to threaten us. Instead of constantly cultivating fear in our minds, let us be preoccupied with matters that will make us better versions of ourselves. It may not be that grand improvement but it is still an improvement that we should be proud of. Let’s be productive and avoid procrastination. – Karie | Helpline PH