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List of Specific Ancillary Duties for Teachers, Non-Teaching Staff, and Principal

List of Specific Ancillary Duties for Teachers, Non-Teaching Staff, and Principal

DepEd Order No. 2, s. 2024, issued on January 26, 2024, by Vice President and Secretary of Education Sara Duterte, marks a significant change for Filipino teachers by focusing on the “Immediate Removal of Administrative Tasks of Public School Teachers.” This order aims to lighten the workload of teachers, who previously spent a considerable amount of time on administrative duties, detracting from their primary role of teaching and lesson planning. The order identifies administrative tasks as those not directly related to teaching and academic learning, assigning these responsibilities to school heads and non-teaching personnel instead. It outlines strategies for effective implementation, such as clustering schools for administrative support, transferring administrative tasks from teachers to appropriate staff, and hiring additional personnel if needed. This initiative is seen as a victory for educators, allowing them to dedicate more time to their students and improve the quality of education

Teacher’s Related Ancillary Works

shall include:

1. Reading/Numeracy and Literacy Coordinator

2. School Paper Adviser

3. SELG/SSLG Adviser

4. Special Education Coordinator

5. Sports Coach/Trainer

6. Research Coordinator

7. Youth for Environment

8. ICT Coordinator

9. Grade Level Chairperson

For Master Teachers:

1. LAC/INSET Coordinator

2. BAC Member/Inspectorate

For School Head

1. HoPE

2. SBM Chair

3. M&E/SMEA Coordinator

4. Planning Officer

5. GAD Coordinator

6. RPMS/Performance Management Team (lead)

For Non-Teaching:

1. School Health Focal Person (Feeding Coordinator, WINS Coordinator, ARH, MDN)

2. Gulayan sa Paaralan Coordinator

3. NDEP Coordinator

4. School Testing Coordinator

5. RPMS-HR/Personnel Management Work

6. LR/Laboratory/Library Custodian

7. Property Custodian/School Facilities

8. BAC Secretariat

9. Finance Officer

10. Oplan Balik Eswkela Coordinator

11. External Partnership Focal Person (ASP/Brigada Eskwela/Special Events)

12. DRRM Coordinator

13. Registrar Designate/Records Officer/LIS-EBEIS Coordinator

DepEd Order No. 2, s. 2024 is a big change for teachers in the Philippines. Before, teachers had to do a lot of paperwork and other jobs that didn’t have to do with teaching. This order says that teachers should only focus on teaching and giving lessons, not on other tasks that take up their time. It’s like saying teachers should spend their time doing what they do best: helping students learn better. Now, other staff at the school will handle the paperwork and administrative stuff. This is good news because it means teachers can spend more time teaching, preparing lessons, and helping students. This could make school better for everyone, with students learning more and teachers feeling happier and less stressed about their jobs.