Reasons for Teachers to Remain Single

Reasons for Teachers to Remain Single

They say that an individual should at least get married and build a family that will forever be called home. This is a taboo that we all practiced even until the present. A single person at a given exact age will choose to tie the knot with a partner and build a family. For us, once you have a family you have all the means to carry on with life.

As we most observe in our society, an individual after graduating from a degree, lands a job which is permanent then after build his/her own family.  I guess this is more at its best true for everybody, but at some point, we also observed that there are individuals who remain single even after getting their job with proper compensation. There are those who chose to remain single forever.

Talking on the issue of being single, let us take a closer look and talk about teachers and their being single even after retirement. Why do you think there are teachers who dwell on being single? Why do they stay single when they can build a family on their own? These are just some of the questions that comes into our mind. Now, I will give you reasons why teachers chose being single.


This is the first and foremost reason why a teacher is single forever. Many of our teachers are the breadwinner in their respective families. After landing the job, most teachers try to remain single because they need to provide for their parents and siblings. From being the provider up to making sure their siblings go to college and finish their studies too. This is common here in our country.


If a teacher doesn’t seem to cope with the attitude of his/her colleagues then perhaps he/she will never find a partner for life. There are individuals who seemed bitter enough to blend with others.  Since attitude is needed for both individuals to stick together then those who have attitude problems will never find a way to a married life.


Other teachers find it hard to pinpoint his/her sexuality to the point where they won’t try to marry someone.  This is common to male teachers. They are usually confused about their identities and because of this reason, better not to get married.


Some teachers are very well dedicated to their work that often forgot to look for the right partners. In short, because of being too busy there is no room for choosing the married path. Most of these teachers are contented with working their butts until they drop. They are sometimes called the workaholics.


Other teachers swore to themselves not to be fooled again by the wrong person. Because of the heartache, these teachers tend to divert their time to teaching.


There are also teachers who are picky enough to find the right person. Most of them are what we call the “perfectionist” and since there is no perfect in this world so they end up not getting married after being picky with their suitors and ends up being single forever.


Lastly, it is also the teachers’ choice to be single forever. The choice that only that certain individual understand for his/herself. There are no biases in the field of teaching and it is the freedom of one teacher to get married or not depending on the reason.

So, for those of you who always ask why there are a lot of teachers who remain single then these reasons may be of help to let you understand much be – Clea | Helpline PH