DepEd: No Teacher Reports Required Beyond July 7

DepEd: No Teacher Reports Required Beyond July 7

Teachers are obliged to complete and submit necessary reports, however, they are not mandated to be physically present at their station for unpaid work beyond July 7, which marks the conclusion of the School Year 2022-2023, according to the Department of Education (DepEd).

As indicated in the DepEd School Calendar for 2022-2023, the school break commences on July 8, following the last day of classes on July 7, 2023.

“Public school teachers are obliged to fulfill all report-related requirements pertaining to school activities, but they should not be asked to report during summer vacation unless otherwise instructed by the School Division Superintendent in circumstances demanding service, adhering to existing regulations on service credit grant,” previously issued DepEd directives clarified.

Despite this, the directive does not absolve teachers of the responsibility to complete and submit all required documents, particularly the end-of-school-year reports, the memorandum underscored.

“School Heads are granted wide discretion to issue office memorandums listing all the legitimate reports and documents teachers are expected to prepare,” the memo further highlighted.

Failure to comply with the submission of requisite reports and documents could lead to appropriate disciplinary action or a reminder issued to the non-compliant teacher.

A source clarified that, “It is erroneous to assume that teachers will be marked absent during summer vacation. The salary we receive during these days constitutes our proportional vacation pay (PVP). This payment has been duly earned and it is a misconception that we are being paid to report during this vacation period.”

Nonetheless, under extraordinary public service circumstances, teachers may be asked to report and provide services, for which they will be compensated with equivalent vacation service credits, in accordance with DO No. 53, s 2003.

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