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DepEd opens new teaching positions like Teacher IV, V, VI, VII and Master Teacher V

DepEd opens new teaching positions like Teacher IV, V, VI, VII and Master Teacher V

President Rodrigo R. Duterte approved the Expanded Career Progression System for Public School Teacher.

“The expanded career progression system for public school teachers is hereby established to promote professional development and career advancement among public school teachers, and define the career lines of teachers within the public school system, specifically in the elementary and secondary levels, including the Senior High School,” the order states.

“The System shall complement other career pathways for professional teachers outside the public basic education school system, as may be defined by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), and provide for equivalence in duties, recognition, and compensation for teachers choosing a career line.”

This will create new career opportunities for deserving teachers.

Under EO No. 174, the following will be the classes in the Classroom Teaching Career Line: Master Teacher I; Master Teacher II; Master Teacher III; Master Teacher IV; and Master Teacher V.

The classes in the School Administration Career Line will be School Principal I, School Principal II, School Principal III, and School Principal IV.

Duterte’s order will take effect “immediately after publication in the Official Gazette or in a newspaper of general circulation.”

13 thoughts on “DepEd opens new teaching positions like Teacher IV, V, VI, VII and Master Teacher V”

  1. Good day poh i would like to ask if may guidelines na poh ba sa senior highschool kasi 2019 pa ako na ERF for T3 pero hindi pa na approve national kasi wala daw guidelines according to the Division

    1. Ibig Sabihin ba nito walang I hire na mt1 position habang Pini fill in pa Ang teacher4,5,6,7?
      Salamat sa sagot po

  2. In my own opinion its better to raise the salary than prolionging the agony of promotable teachers, Bear with them specially the seasoned ones who only wanted to upgrade their positions .

  3. We don’t need additional Teaching positions.. What the teachers need is Upgrading of their Salary Grades.. Teacher 1 Entry level should be in SG 13 or higher para ma filled up ang matagal nag vacant Salary Grades between Teacher 3 and MT1.
    SG13 or higher for Entry Level Teacher 1 ipatupad!

  4. Sana ung mga department heads or head teacher VI sa malaking schools eh magturo na din lalot kulang po Ang teachers. Saka pag me dept heads di makapagdesisyon ng aus Ang prinicpal.

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