How To Teach in Cambodia: Step by Step Guide

Cambodia is a country rich in culture and religious practices. It is one of the most visited countries in the world because of its beauty. It is famous for its friendly people, archaeological parks, beauty spots, rich culture, affordable hotels in Siem Reap, museums, and cuisines. It’s a favorite destination for people who wants to experience the ancient culture and ways of living. According to Cambodia receives over 6 million tourists every year.

Not only that it is a haven for the tourists but it also attracts English teachers. Most of the English teachers that they hire are native English speakers but they also hire Filipino English teachers. 

How to Apply as an English teacher in Cambodia 

Just like in any other country it is easier to apply if you are already in the country but fret not because you can always apply through the internet. Refer below for the list of legit sites where you can apply as a teacher in Cambodia.

  • You can also join Phnom Phen Jobs Alert Facebook Group

Requirements for Foreign Teachers in Cambodia
  • You must be a Bachelor’s degree holder.
  • TEFL/TESOL Certification
  • Legal Documents (Valid ID’s, NBI Certificate and any other legal documents you acquired in the Philippines for a speedy application).

Other Requirements when entering Cambodia
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months after your arrival date
  • Other legal documents

Important Note
  • Holders of Philippine passport do not need a Tourist Visa upon entering Cambodia for a 21-day stay, but if you have plans to stay longer then there is a need to secure one. 
  • Business Visa is also not required for a 21 days stay in Cambodia for a Philippine passport holder. This means that you are free to look for a job in Cambodia within 21 days without worrying about getting a business visa. 

Salary for Filipino English Teachers in Cambodia
The average salary for new Filipino English teachers in Cambodia ranges from $700-800, but those who are already experienced are receiving as high as $1,000-1,200.  Some teachers may receive lower than the average salary depending on what school they applied to.

Apply in private schools since their public schools do not usually hire foreign teachers. 

Cost of Living in Cambodia
The average monthly food budget for 1 person in Cambodia is around $100 which is pretty cheap for Westerners. But we must also not forget that their cost of living is cheaper than that of the Philippines. For housing, their average rate for an apartment $250. If this sounds a little expensive for you then you can always find a shared apartment that can range from $100-300. In a shared apartment you can still enjoy privacy since you will have your room and bathroom. Your kitchen and living spaces may have to be shared with other renters. The gas and utilities costs are around $25. If you know how to budget your money and live a simple life in Cambodia then your monthly living expenses can only go high as $400-500 per month. If you are getting $800-1,000 per month and spending the minimum budget on living expenses then you can save in no time. 

Always research before going to Cambodia. Explore Cambodia through the internet to gain knowledge on what to expect when you decide to work there. Ask your friends and family who had personal experience in working and traveling in Cambodia for a better reference. – Karie | Helpline PH