Reasons why teachers aged but still weren’t hired in Deped

Teachers aged but still weren’t hired in Deped

After going to college for four long years, it has been the dream of every education graduate to be hired immediately by DepEd, if not immediately at least some three or four years after making experiences in the private schools and gathering every single proof of his/her hard work through the certificates earned. Some even made it to enroll in their master’s degree and the like.

Though it is very obvious that an education graduate should really be in DepEd but it is sad to note that there are still education graduates who were stuck at home and never being able to practice the profession he/she managed to propagate his/her whole life. What do you think are the causes of this? So to shed light on this matter, I will list down the possible reasons why teachers aged already but still are not practicing their long loved course.

Reasons why teachers aged but weren’t hired in DepEd despite of many tries:

1. Did not pass the board exam after how many tries

Sometimes, the odds are never on our favor. It means not all who take the licensure examination will pass just in one click. Lucky for those who did it once and already passed it but unfortunately, there are education graduates who tried and tried to take the exam but failed in the end. This is not a rare case since there are many who already gave up on taking the LET exam because they wouldn’t pass at all. This is one reason why some education graduates never had the chance to become teachers in the field.

2. Prefer to be a full time parent

Other education graduates took the road of marriage and find it hard already to choose the path of being in the field of teaching because they have already responsibilities in taking care of their children. Although this is not applicable to all because there are many teachers who managed to balance their time for their families and their work.

3. Got discouraged because of the process of ranking

Through the past years, the process of ranking also differs. I can say that long before, the process of ranking is never fair (because they practiced before the “wrongking system” more possibilities to be hired if you have any friends working as officials) but that was before. During my time, it was a fair battle because you will be hired base on your rank in the list of applicants. This, I say is one of the reasons why many got discouraged formerly to apply because of the unfair process which resorted them to never become a teacher up until now.

4. Divulged into business and find business more appealing than teaching

I have also seen the faces of teachers in profession but business is the passion. They never become teachers because they find it more easy money for them in the field of business rather than teaching and receiving a monthly salary. It is way nicer if you are the boss of your own business.

5. Find it hard to cope up with the latest trend of application

For some graduates who undertook the same process of application every year for ranking, and lately realized that it is tiresome to go through the same process over and over again coping up with the latest trends and not even hired despite the efforts. Teachers who are mature enough and doesn’t care about using gadgets will be left behind by those younger ones who are techy enough.

6. The graduated course is not that needed anymore because there are a lot of other graduates that only took bridging courses and become teachers

This reason is rampant nowadays. There are those who are not education graduates but became teachers because of this what we call “bridging courses” offered in universities. Even a nurse can become a teacher if he/she took needed units for education and passed the LET exam. Although I am not against this because there are subjects which need the expertise of those courses that are not that of education (nursing, engineering, accounting, etc.) in molding the new generation but perhaps, this will add to the long wait for the other teachers who will be bypassed.

7. Hired as police officers or joined the army

This reason is very true nowadays especially that the NAPOLCOM is hiring more police officers to help protect our nation. More education graduates prefer to try their luck in the hope to be absorbed right away, unlike in DepEd where they will wait for many years before being hired. Some graduates joined the army also because the recruitment for these type of work are done in mass. It means more hiring, the more possibilities of getting the job.


It is never and will never be easy for an education graduate to only stay at home while watching his/her batchmates become successful in their fields. There may be times of self-pity and emotional distress for them. Imagine yourself dreaming to become the best teacher but still, you already aged but is not yet hired as one, it breaks my heart just to imagine it. Lucky for me and all my classmates (there were 30 plus of us and all of us are now teachers, there is one who became a police officer and now in higher rank) and I think most of our batchmates are all teachers. There were some of us who were immediately hired after ranking, but there were also those who took 3 to 5 years before becoming one. The longest period it took for my other classmates to be hired was 10 years (in my case it took me 5 long years before becoming a full-fledge junior high school teacher). So you see, even though it took us so long but still we never stopped dreaming. It may be the reason why none of us is left unhired now, because we put all our efforts and tried and tried after many failures. For those new graduates out there, never stopped applying. Once, twice and even thrice is not enough as long as you want to pursue you chosen career then it will be given to you in due time. Just believe in the power of prayer plus your efforts. – Clea | Helpline PH