Different sidelines teachers have in order to cope with financial crisis

Different sidelines teachers have in order to cope with financial crisis

Long before the rise of Covid-19, teachers are already active in doing different kinds of stuff that will help them in their struggle against the financial crisis. It is obvious that the salary teachers received from their job are insufficient that’s why they resort to different sidelines that will at least give them a little amount that will help them in a little way. Some teachers do sideline stuff as past-time or hobby. More than that of being a hobby especially in this time of pandemic where everybody stays at home, they made use of the quarantine time to do their sidelines.

Here are the different sidelines of teachers who are highly popular among recently.

1. HULOG-HULOG (HOG2x in Bisaya)

This is a form of mutual understanding among groups of individual teachers who wishes to cut a little amount from their hard-earned money and put it all together to gather a huge amount of money. In return, the gathered amount will be used as a capital and lend it to borrowers (the borrowers are still the members) with a little interest usually 5% monthly. After a year, all the gathered money will then be given back to the member-borrower and the interest raised will be divided among the members. This is how hulog2x works for teachers. This is a proven method that surely will help the member-borrowers in times of need (provided that the borrower is also a good payer).


Funny but this sideline is a proven way to help ease an empty pocket. A peso for each “hulog” in the Automated Tubig Machine (ATM we call it☺) is a great help not only to the teachers who owned the unit but also for the students and the school. For the teacher who owned the unit, 1 peso is just a small amount but when gathered altogether every day will create an additional source of income just to buy 1 kilo of rice to survive. For the students, it is also a big help especially when they need to hydrate themselves during a long day of class hours. They only need to bring with them their water bottles and they can already drink fresh clean water without spending too much than that of the bottled water sold in the stores. For the school, since the teacher who owns the unit will give a consignment interest to the school, it is a form of IGP that will also help in the expenses of the school (like snacks for visitors, etc.). This sideline is a win-win method.


This is I think is the most famous sideline of teachers recently. Many online sellers, not only teachers are offering all their products on the internet. May it be food, clothing, plants, cars, or even services are offered by various online sellers and some of them are teachers. Food Tech. teachers usually do their craft and post online to gain netizen attention; most likely products include sweets (cakes, desserts, and the like) and even dishes. Some online sellers are also into RTW clothing, some on plants (like cactus, snake plants, etc.). Online selling is a platform that surely will help teachers in times of pandemic but of course, more effort is needed in doing online selling since you also need to deliver your goods to the customers.


The oldest sideline I think teachers have (lol..since I was elementary I remembered my teachers looking at a catalog on Avon ☺) since direct selling is one method of earning a peso. The only way to survive if you are a direct seller is that you KNOW how to COLLECT debt payments on time. There are many direct selling companies that enable women to earn (aside from Avon, Natasha, Tupperware).


Some teachers have a loading business in which all networks will be catered. Since load is a necessity nowadays, it gives an opportunity for teachers to indulge in the business. Most of their customers are their co-teachers, and of course their students (because students nowadays are already particular on having loads for games, etc.) and especially in this time of Covid-19 that all individuals need mobile data.


Some put it online but many are still doing their business personally. Since recently planting is very trending, almost all people post their plants online and still looking for other species of plants to have with. Then this is where the sellers enter. Most plants range from 300 pesos to -3,000 pesos depending on the breed. In most cases, teachers who resort to this kind of stuff earn as much they wanted to.


There are wordy teachers who prefer to work from home with the use of their computer/laptop. I am one of those. Content writing doesn’t mean you will earn as much because it depends on your effort to write content which will be more appealing to readers. You need to use your brain and grammar is also added to properly exhibit your work. This sideline is still helpful to teachers since this stuff offers money depending on your hard work.


There are even teachers who used their ability in making and editing videos to earn. There are teachers who edit educational stuff and post it online. Many viewers mean money so if you need to catch more viewers, you have to make good videos that will be eye-catching.


I recently found on the internet about the barter system. In this method, an individual will post his/her item which is not used but still look good and okay and someone if interested will barter the item with another. In this form of a sideline, the stuff that is most likely you consider will not be used anymore will be useful for others, and in return, they will barter it for food items and groceries which will be helpful in this time of the pandemic.


I think I have given you enough information about the sidelines which gives light to the distress teachers who wish to earn a little as an additional income. This stuff is all legal and it only requires effort. It is a matter of making something out of your vacant time to avoid wasting it. It is better to earn a peso than doing nothing. Clea | Helpline PH