Top 10 reasons why a bookkeeper and a disbursing officer should be well-matched in the public schools

Top 10 reasons why a bookkeeper and a disbursing officer should be well-matched in the public schools

Do you have your own bookkeeper and a disbursing officer in your school? If so, I presume that your school is an IUs school. Most IUs school in the public are independent and usually big. They are those who have big funding/budget for their MOOE.

IUs schools have the advantage to make their transactions even faster. It is the work of the bookkeeper and the disbursing officer to work together for faster outputs. It means that the two personnel should be a well-match or in short they should be a team.

In some instances, this doesn’t come up as what we expected. There are public schools that have office personnel who can’t keep up with each other. What will happen to the school if the bookkeeper and the disbursing officer are in clash? Do you think financial matters in the school will be in trouble too? Let’s find out in this article.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons why a Bookkeeper and a Disbursing Officer should be a well-matched:

1. They should team up regardless of their personal attributes/problems. The school is a professional ground and not for quarrel. If both of them always clash together, the transactions of the school will be in trouble too.

2. The teachers depend on their capacity renegading financial matters. If these two personnel are always in chaos, how can they help the teachers instead?

3. If there are reports that are in a hurry, teachers find it hard to access their files. Personal grudges can turn the worktable in an upset position.

4. It is very hard for the teachers to be in a “sandwich” position and “torn between two lovers” effect.

5. The filing and update of the files and folders of transactions are always neglected.

6. Teachers can’t ask for their help immediately without witnessing commotion or arguments.

7. The school will be behind in every transaction

8. Teachers can’t find their help immediately because of the feeling of uncertainties.

9. Files, folders are not kept in proper order because of their personal grudges.

10. The school will be the “talk of the town” in the division office because of their immaturity.

How did I come up with this article? Well, it is obvious that our school is one of the inspiration of this topic. Our bookkeeper and disbursing officer are annoying and overboard with their immaturity. They always argue on simple things even with the presence of our principal. They find it hard for us teachers to approach them when we needed their help. Instead of helping us get through, they added to the problem. From the very first day of their service up until now, they argue, and even worse they can’t be of help to us.

If they can read this, then let it be so they will know how our school is getting impatient with their attitude. This article is a reminder that even though we have different personalities, we leave it at home. At work, we have to be professional and we need to do our job as it is in our job description. – Clea | Helpline PH