Test on Correct Grammar in English Part 4

Direction: Choose the best answer from the choices given
1. It is essential that harmony prevail ____________ the departments.
a. between
b. with
c. among
d. with all
ans: c
2. Ever since Dr. Mateo F. Felino was elected President of the organization,  the members _____________ better relations.
a. had enjoy
b. have enjoyed
c. enjoyed
d. are enjoyed
ans: b
3. Which of the following words are misspelled?
1. transgression          2. transcent         3. Immunity       4. Percieve
a.  2 & 3
b. 2,3 & 4
c. 1,3 & 4
d. 1,2 & 3
ans: b
4. It cost twice __________ I thought it would.
a. as much as
b. as much
c. more than
d. than
ans: a
5. She was much different ____________ I expected.
a. than
b. from what
c. from
d. than what
ans: b

6. When a leader is succeeded by another leader, the former is referred to as ____________.
a. replaced
b. dethroned
c. defeated
d. deposed
ans: a
7. “You wouldn’t want to be accused of theft, __________ ?
a. Wouldn’t you
b. won’t you
c. will you
d. deposed
ans: d
8. Weightlifter : Strength : :
a. marathoner : endurance
b. hiker : agility
c. goalie : skill
d. dancer : speed
ans: a
9. Lubricant : friction : :
a. speed : drag
b. motor : electricity
c. muffler : noise
d. insulator : heat
ans: c
10.  Elevator : shaft
a. Electricity : outlet
b. water : conduit
c. railroad : train
d. gas : fire
ans: b
11. Hydrology : science ::
a. astronomy : science
b. fir : tree
c. fashion : style
d. theory: practice
ans: b
12. In his address, the Regional Director exhorted the teachers to discover and __________ each student’s  __________ talent.
a. develop : intrinsic
b. justify : gratuitous
c. redirect : specialty 
d. uplift : unrecognized
ans: a
13. The enforcers feel that the ___________ shown by the judges to first offenders unfortunately __________ many youngsters to embark on a life of crimes.
a. harshness : predisposes
b. indifference : directs
c. elemency : encourages
d. understanding : condemns
14. What utterance show determination ?
a. This time I have not made my mind
b. This time I won’t stop schooling
c. I have good news for you
d. What a shame. She came back.
ans: b
15. The victim’s father refused revenge when he said :
a. “An eye for an eye”
b. “Justice is always delayed”
c. “Don’t take the law into your hands
d. “Give him the other cheek”
ans: c
16. “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.” This means ____________.
a. The heart is always correct about everything
b. Important things are not always for the heart but for the brain.
c. Heart should always be over and above the brain.
d. Only the heart can see the beauty of life and love.
ans: d
17. “I will take the road less travelled by and be condemmed if necessary.”
a. Regrets come before decision
b. Decisions are made despite differences from the majority
c. Decisions are made on the crossroads.
d. Regrets come after decisions.
ans: b
18. Professionals leaving abroad to seek “greener pastures” is one type of __________
a. brain-drain
b. employment
c.  OFW’s
d. migration
ans: a
19. Only world-class athletes win medals at the Olympic Games. Michael Phelps won several gold medals in swimming at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Therefore :
a. Michael Phelps is an all-time American swimmer
b. Australia won the most number of gold medals in swimming
c. Michael Phelps is world-class athlete and an Olympian
d. Michael Phelps is an be-medalled swimmer
ans: c
20. i. Treasure bills have an interest rate of 7.85% per annum.
      ii. Treasury bills used to have 9-10% interest rate of july 2% per annum.
      iii. Treasury bills used to have 9-10% interest rates per annum. Therefore it is better to invest in treasury bills than just to put your money in regular savings account.                                                                                                                       
a. definitely true
b. most likely true
c. most likely false
d. definitely false
ans: b
21. Without hardly a moment ‘s delay, the computer began to print out the answer to the                                                                                
                   a                                                           b            c                     d
problem No error                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
ans: c – without                                                                                                                                                                                             
22. Diligence and honesty, as well as being intelligent are qualities which I look for when I                                                                                                                    
                                            a                 b                c                                          d
interview applicants. No error.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
ans:  b- intelligence         
23. Writing a beautiful sonnet is as much as achievement as to finish a 50-page novel.                                                                                                      
                                   a               b                                      c               d
No error.
ans: c – finishing
24. “His untimely death has left us blinder than we might have been.” This means ____________.
a. Those left behind are left homeless.
b. Those left behind are blind
c. Those orphans are left to themselves
d. Those who blind are orphans
ans: c
25. i. Two personsdie every die every 3 seconds.
       ii. For every two people who die, one is caused by accidents.
       iii. In the Philippines, the rich and poor people live in different surroundings.
       iv. Philippine traffic laws and regulations are blatantly disregarded.
            Therefore, the Philippines have a high death rate because of apathy and indifference.
a. definitely true
b. most likely true
c. most likely false
d. definitely false
ans: d
26. Some Filipinos want to live in the U.S. Therese is a Filipino. Therefore:
a. Therese wants to  live in the U.S.
b.  All those who wants to live in the US are Filipinos
c. Therese wants to be a US citizen
d. None of the above.
ans: d
27. Ruth is a good singers. All singers have good voices. Therefore:
a. Ruth has a good voice
b. Ruth sings only popular songs
c. Singers are also good dancers
d. None of the above.
ans: a
28. Peoples Republic of China is a communist state. Chan Hu-pei is a Chinese. Therefore:
a. China is just like Russia.
b. Chan is a communist
c. Chan lives in a communist country
d. none of the above
ans: d
29. All cute girls have pretty faces. Margie has a pretty face. Therefore:
a. Only cute girls have pretty faces
b. Margie is a very young girl
c. Margie is a cute girl
d. none of the above
ans: c
30. All tennis players own a tennis racquet. Josef is a tennis player. Therefore:
a. Tennis players also own tennis balls
b. Josef owns a tennis racquet
c. Tennis players play on a tennis courts
d. Josef is a be-medalled athlete
ans: b
31. i. Liver is the largest organ in the human body.
       ii. Healthy liver has reddish brown color and soft, spongy texture
       iii. It manufactures protein, regulates blood clotting, produces bile and destroys toxins.
       iv. It also cleanses blood and discharges waste products, helps the body resist infection, regenerates it’s own damaged tissues and stores iron.
       Therefore, the liver is a sensitive organ.
a. definitely true
b. most likely true
c. most likely false
d. definitely false
ans: d
32. i. Almost a billion people in the world suffer from hunger and malnutrition.
      ii. Severely malnourished people are unable to function at even basic level.
      iii. Often it takes just a few simple resources for impoverished people to grow enough food to become self-sufficient.
      iv. Many hunger experts believe that the best way to reduce hunger and malnutrition is through education.
      v. Educated people are best able to break out of poverty that causes hunger.
          Therefore. Malnutrition is Hugh among the illiterates.                                                                                      
 a. definitely true
b. most likely true
c. most likely false
d. definitely false
ans: a
33. Afterhis heart attack. He was ordered to lay in bed and rest fortwo weeks. No error
        a                                          b            c                            d                     e  
ans: c- lie
34.She is the only one of the applicants who are fully qualified for the position,. No error  
                      a                                    b      c           d                                       e
ans: c – is
35. He can’t hardly do anything  with his right hand  ever since he had his stroke. No
                a                     b                                         c                  d                     e
ans: a- can hardly
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