Civil Service Examination – Review Techniques

Review Techniques

1. Psyche or condition one’s self that you have to sufficiently and effectively prepare for the examination through a comprehensive review. It’s the first step to maximize your potential to pass.

2. Obtain the official list or coverage of the examination. This guide should outline the major topics and issues that will be covered. Use this to select readings, review materials, study guides, notes and practice test sets.

3. Divide review materials to be studied into reasonable – sized study blocks that can be completed in a single – study session setting. 2 – 3 hours block or study session is most effective. This time frame maximizes  your attention span without pushing you towards mental exhaustion or fatigue. Scientific studies show that an average human brain can only have a maximum of 3 – 4 hours of absorption. Beyond that, the brain may experience mental fatigue. Try to limit the number of study sessions to two ( morning and another one in the afternoon or evening with breaks in – between.

4. Schedule the study blocks over the time you have now and the examination day. At least a month of review is highly recommended. Stop the review a few days before examination day. Be relaxed and psyche yourself that you are now ready to take the examination.

5. Reserve some of your study blocks time periods for self – assessment using practice test sets and Q & A’s to test and evaluate your knowledge and preparedness.

6. Take time to review more on your English (verbal), Math (numerical) and Analytical skills for these subject areas form a substantial 80% of the Career Service Exams.

7. Familiarize yourself with the types of questions in this Reviewer which is updated daily to conform to latest examination.

8. Good health is the basis of good memory retention, thus, an effective review regimen.

9. Have a good night sleep, be relaxed and refreshed in the day of examination .

10. Let us not forget to implore Divine Guidance, Assistance and Strength with prayers as we go through our review and preparations.