Newly Enacted Laws, Environmental Protection, General Information and Current Events Part 1

DIRECTION: Read each questions carefully and choose the best answer from the given options.
1. A voters is distinguish from exercising the right to vote (suffrage) if said voter _________ .
1.   Turned 20 years old just before the election
2.   Is poor
3.   Is illiterate
4.   Is naturalized Filipino citizen
5.   Has been a Philippine Resident for less than six month months.
Ans: 5
2. Who may be appointed as a cabinet member without needing confirmation from the commission on Appointments?
1.   Senate President
2.   Any senator
3.   Vice president
4.   House keeper
5.   Congressman
Ans: 3
3. Which of the following sectors is NOT represented in the party-list system in the House of Representative?
1.   Youth
2.   Labor
3.   Women
4.   Religious
5.   Trade
Ans: 4
4. Which of the following government agencies exercises original and exclusive jurisdiction over all contest, returns and qualification of the President and the Vice President?
2.   Commission On Appointment
3.   Supreme Court
4.   Senate Electoral Tribunal
5.   Judicial Bar Council
Ans: 1
5. Who is responsible for determining the existence of probable cause for the issuance of a warrant of arrest or search warrant?
1.   Lawyer
2.   judge
3.   Fiscal
4.   Prosecutor
5.   Mayor
Ans: 2

6. It mandates the blending of cocodiesel  methyl ester (CME) in all diesel fuel and bio-ethanol I gasoline sold across the country.
1.   Clean air craft of 1999
2.   Solid waste management Act of 2000
3.   Fuel development
4.   Biofuels Act of 2006
5.   Pollution Reduction ACT OF 2001
Ans: 4
7. Environmental law providing for an ecological solid waste management program creating necessary mechanism, incentives, prohibition and penalties.
1.   Rep. Act # 8749 or the Philippines Clean Air Act of 1999.
2.   Ecological solid waste management  Act of 2000
3.   Anti-pollution Reduction Act
4.   Waste Recycling and disposal Act
5.   Recycle, Re-use and reduce Act
Ans: 2
8.  Which of the following concepts is relevant to environment education?
1.   Rapid urbanization and development
2.   Resources can be infinitely utilized
3.   Importance of balance of nature
4.   Unabated destruction of natural environmental
5.   Indifference of society to environmental
Ans: 3
9. Refers to the delegation of specific non-core operations of an agency to an external entity that specializes in that operation.
1.   Subcontracting
2.   Delegation
3.   Multi-tasking
4.   Specialization
5.   Outsourcing
Ans: 5
10. Which of the  following statement best describes the relationship between global warming and ozone depletion.
1.   Global warming and ozone depletion are one and the same
2.   Global warming leads to Ozone depletion
3.   Excessive build up of carbon dioxide causes both global warming and ozone depletion
4.   Ozone depletion causes unpredictable weather disturbances
5.   Global warming cause environmental disasters
Ans: 3
11. Jaywalking, indiscriminate garbage disposal, vandalism, reckless driving are manifestation of._________ .
1.   Lack of sense of propriety
2.   Lack of discipline
3.   Indifference
4.   Disregard of other people’s property
5.   Anarchy
Ans: 2
12. The worst environmental of a large scale mining operation comes from?
1.   Soil poisoning
2.   Air pollution
3.   Deforestation
4.   Mine tailings
5.   Unrestored mine-out areas
Ans: 5
13. it allows foreign-based retailers and manufacturers to engage in retail activities in the country subject to condition and requirements.
1.   Globalization
2.   Retail and trade liberalization
3.   Free trade market
4.   Protectionism
5.   Trade blocs
Ans: 2
14. it embodies the national policy on information technology developments and servers as a guide to all agencies in the effective utilization of information technology resources.
1.   National Information Technology Plan (NITP)
2.   Information Technology Development
3.   Technology Enhancement Program
4.   Philippines Technology Highway Program
5.   Philippine Information Technology Highway
Ans: 1
15. A government program designed to solve the ills of society through personal transformation and renewal and to strengthen the moral fiber of the Filipino people.
1.   Anti-Corruption Crusade
2.   People Empowerment
3.   “Bangon Pinoy”
4.   Moral Recovery Program
5.   Sustainable Development
Ans: 4
16. A broader regional free trade zone composed of “ASEAN” countries expanding trade with Japan, China and South Korea.
1.   ASEAN free trade zone
2.   “ASEAN plus Three”
3.   APEC Group
4.   ASEAN Partners
Ans: 2
17. Globalization has rapidly brought about______ .
1.   Borderless trade
2.   Development of information and communication technology
3.   Threats to security to both rich and poor countries
4.   Rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer
5.   Economic  crisis and financial meltdown
Ans: 1
18. The integration of national markets into a single word market where goods, services, financial capital and technology, flown in and out of countries virtually unhampered.
1.   Retail trade liberalization
2.   World Trade Organization
3.   Globalization
4.   Free trade
5.   General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
Ans: 3
19. It is an oceanographic phenomenon associated with extreme variable climate. It brings destructive rains and droughts that result in economic disaster.
1.   Global warming
2.   El Nino/ La Nina
3.   Tsunami
4.   Cyclones/hurricanes
5.   Ocean Current
Ans: 2
20. Keeping faith in our commitment to protect the Filipinos environmental  hazards, this law seeks incorporate climate  change factors in mainstream of national and local development planning.
1.   National Disaster Coordinating Act
2.   Climate Protection Act 2009
3.   Climate Change At of 2009
4.   National Preparedness Plan
5.   Disaster Risk & Reduction Mgmt. Act of 2009
Ans: 3
21. The Contamination of the natural environment with harmful substance that have been released as a result of human activites.
1.   Gasification
2.   Global Warming
3.   Climate Change
4.   Pollution
5.   Degradation
Ans: 4
22. Fishery Resources in marine and Coastal waters may be considered as “open access resources” Because of the _________ .
1.   Mobile nature of fish and water
2.   Difficulty in making see boundaries
3.   Overfishing in coastal  areas
4.   Proliferation of illegal fish pen in water areas
5.   Lax implementation of fishery laws
Ans: 2
23. Refers to an increasing reliance on market to guide economic activity
1.   Liberalization
2.   Deregulation
3.   Free trade
4.   Protectionism
5.   Macroeconomics
Ans: 1
24. Which of the following is not NONRENEWABLE source of energy?
1.   Natural Gas
2.   Biogas
3.   Geothermal Power
4.   Solar Power
5.   Wind power
Ans: 1
25. Which of the following destroy the Balance of an ecosystem?
1.   Reforestation
2.   Wasteful consumption
3.   Reduce, reuse, recycle
4.   Conservation
5.   Education
Ans: 2
26. How do forest Protect our sources of water?
1.   They keep water in the streams
2.   They use water for food production
3.   They serve as water holders
4.   They let water flow  to the  lowlands
5.   They prevent flashfloods and landslides
Ans: 3
27. Which of the following shows concerns for the environment?
1.   Burning of garbage
2.   Joining clean and green movements
3.   Reforestation
4.   Throwing wastewater into rivers
5.   Recycling  and reducing
Ans: 2
28. The Constitution after has been ratified, can only be amended through initiative after ___________ years.
1.   Two
2.   Three
3.   Anytime
4.   5
5.   Once every 6 years
Ans: 4
29. Every government agency is required to develop, update regularly and make available to the transacting public _________ .
1.   List of action Officers
2.   The performance target
3.   Rates of services fees
4.   Direction and flow
5.   Vision and mission
Ans: 2
30. In processing of expenditures reports or document excepts other provided by law, how many signatures must any written action or decision contain?
1.   6
2.   5
3.   4
4.   3
5.   2
Ans: 4
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