Helpful Tips to Score High In Reading Comprehension & Paragraph Organization

Helpful Tips to Score High In Reading Comprehension & Paragraph Organization

Below are steps which useful in taking test in Reading Comprehension, both in English and in Filipino:

Step I

Read the whole selection quickly to get the main thought/idea.

Step II

Analyze each question asked in the selection, without minding the possible answer or choices given.

Step III

Reread and concentrate on the parts of the selection where the possible answers to the questions are found.

Step IV

Choose the correct answer from the choices given by having in mind the following:

The choices should be based on facts, not on a mere opinion. It should be well – expressed in the selection.;
When the question asks for … What is the best title or the main thought of the selection?, your choice should reflect the main idea of the story or paragraph;

Watch out for the tricky words and expression like generally, definitely, never, always, in all circumstances, etc. They usually destroy the accuracy of some apparently correct answers;

Step V

Remember the two aspects to reading skills, i.e.: speed and understanding what you read.
To read fast, avoid lip movements or whispering while reading silently. Read units/group of words, not word for word at a time.

To read fast with understanding/ comprehension, look for the topic or key sentence. This sentence is usually at the beginning of the paragraph, sometimes at the end or is buried within the paragraph.
Practice using your finger as pacer to be able to read fast with understanding.

Step VI

The use of consequently, in addition to, hence, as a result of, therefore and alternatively indicates the ending of the paragraph.

While the following expressions indicate an emphasis to the Topic Sentence: additionally, moreover, furthermore, arguably and in addition to, they cannot be the Topic or Concluding Statement, It is very important to determine the Main idea or Topic of the paragraph. This will help in knowing the proper sequence of the statements in the whole paragraph.