Steps on How to Apply CHED-SIKAP Scholarship 2022

Steps on How to Apply CHED-SIKAP Scholarship 2022

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) is now accepting applicants for (3rd Batch) Scholarship for Instructors’ Knowledge Advancement Program (SIKAP) grant.

Scholarships for Instructors’ Knowledge Advancement Program (SIKAP) provides opportunities for Higher Education Institution (HEI) teaching and non-teaching personnel, or former HEI teaching or non-teaching personnel seeking advanced studies in identified universities and colleges in the Philippines.

There are two (2) scholarship types:

  • Full-time – scholars are required to study full-time with a full academic load per term.
  • Part-time – scholars may teach a maximum of 12 units or 20 hours of work per week with a part-time academic load.

You may choose to enroll in an autonomous or deregulated private university or a state university with Level III status.

Others choose to enroll in a program accredited as Center of Excellence (COE) or Center of Development (COD).

Financial privileges and incentives

SIKAP scholars will have the following benefits and allowances:

  • Free tuition and other school fees
  • Monthly living allowance
  • Transportation allowance for scholars enrolled outside their province
  • Yearly book allowance
  • Thesis/dissertation allowance

Subject to the availability of funds, scholars also may avail of the following additional support:

  • Research support grant
  • Publication Grant
  • Publication Incentive
  • Mentor’s fee and incentive (DHEI model)
  • Early completion incentive

On top of all that is the availability of access to online journals (subject to availability).


  • Filipino citizen.
  • Employed as a Teaching Personnel in an HEI, or have been employed as a Teaching Personnel within the last twelve (12) months with no admin or management position.
  • Full-time scholars are required to submit proof from the employer that they are releasing them from all teaching or admin duties.
  • Must be pursuing a program vertically aligned to the scholar’s teaching discipline.
  • Must not hold a degree as the degree level being pursued (i.e., the doctorate must not already possess a doctorate).
  • Not more than 52 years old for a Master’s degree program.
  • Not more than 50 years old for the Doctorate program.
  • No other government-funded scholarship.

Documentary Requirements

To be accomplished through the online portal:

  1. Application Form
  2. Curriculum Vitae

To be uploaded using the CHED template:

  1. Certificate of Employment
  2. Certificate of Eligibility and Undertaking
  3. Recommendation Forms (Former Professor, Peer, and Immediate Supervisor)
  4. Medical Certificate
  5. Re-entry Action Plan

Other requirements for uploading:

  1. Birth Certificate or Passport (Proof of Citizenship)
  2. Proof of Admission to the DHEI or Eligible HEI
  3. Transcript of Records (for every undergraduate, professional, and graduate/post-graduate degree attained)
  4. Release Form (for full-time study)
  5. Any Government-issued ID

Other information required

  1. Work experience
  2. Publications
  3. Academic Paper Presentations
  4. Research Conducted
  5. Social Work and/or Community Extension Activities
  6. Training Programs Attended
  7. License/s or Certifications

Application Process

  1. Check the eligibility criteria.
  2. Get your application number.
  3. Upload scanned copies of the required documents through the same application portal.
    1. Full-time study documents
    2. Part-time study documents
  4. Submit the complete scholarship package:
    • For DHEI Model submit it to your Delivering Higher Education Institution
    • For Individual Model submit them to your CHED Regional Office

Qualifying and Selection Process

  • Applicants must submit their documentary requirements to the CHED Regional Office or the University based on the implementation model.
  • CHED evaluates and approves the final list of successful applicants.
  • Successful applicants must communicate their acceptance of the grant and confirm their enrollment in the approved graduate program through written acknowledgment to the CHED Regional Office and the University, if applicable.

Deadline of Application

  • MAY 13, 2022

For further inquiries, kindly contact your CHED Regional Office.

Read CHED Memorandum Order 6, s. 2020  for more details.