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Amazing security guard couple are now bonafide professional teachers

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Amazing security guard couple are now bonafide professional teachers

Security guard couple proved that dreams are never too high to achieve. Strong determination and perseverance are the key to do it. This couple from Sulu are both working as security guards.

Photo: GMA

The security guard couple from Sulu are Reyner Bahulluk and Norhima Sular. They were very happy when they passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers. They were each other’s support before they were bonafide teachers.

As security guards of a certain store, they have encountered struggles. Their bodies tired from the long day duty then when they got home, they review. The experiences they had were not easy. According to Reyner, they did not pass on the first try they did it. Yet, they did not stop there and pursue their dreams until they made it.

The security guard couple was persistent to pass it. Although they admitted that many didn’t believe in them. Other people don’t seem to see them succeed and pass the exam. It didn’t stopped them to reach their ambition. They were together sticking with each other through thick and thin.

Reyner passed this year after five (5) times failure while Norhima passed last 2019. It was her second try that she made it. Norhima left her job and started her journey in teaching. She is now teaching in one of the schools in Sulu as a volunteer. 

Reyner is now waiting for the oath taking ceremony. He continued working as security guard at present. The security guard couple is very thankful to their company for being understanding. The company saw the raging perseverance of this couple.

Netizens are inspired by the story of this security guard couple. This story of victory went viral online. The security guard couple proved the people that no matter what status you have, you can reach your dreams. Many failure doesn’t mean you have to stop, instead it will make you stronger.  – Clea | Helpline PH

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