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Remarkable retired Pisay teacher is undeniably impressive as he becomes a tutor in his neighborhood

Remarkable retired Pisay teacher is undeniably impressive as he becomes a tutor in his neighborhood

A remarkable retired Pisay teacher went viral online after his story pops-up. This is the story of Sir Delfin Angeles, a remarkable retired Pisay teacher. He was a former part of the workforce in Philippine Science High School.

Retired Pisay Teacher

This remarkable retired Pisay teacher has made a huge impact on the netizens. This is because he showed what it meant to be a true teacher even if he is already retired. Lolo Delfin is teaching kids in his neighborhood in Santa Ana, Manila.

Photos of this remarkable retired Pisay teacher Angeles, 66, attract the viewers online. He was teaching children sitting by the sidewalk in Manila.

In an interview from ABS-CBN News, Lolo Delfin is not expecting any of these to happen. He did not view himself to continue teaching after his retirement. His only view is to pursue his gardening hobby.

While watering plants outside his house, several children would go up to him. They will ask them the name of the plants. Then later on he found himself engaged with the kids. The enjoyable conversations turned into more likely teaching. The kids somehow felt that Lolo Delfin is a great teacher. Later on, the kids asked Lolo Delfin to teach them.

Later on, this remarkable retired Pisay teacher is teaching a group of 15 from 2 to 4 children. They range from the youngest Grade 1 to Grade 7. These children do all go to school and Lolo Delfin gives them supplemental lessons. This is to enhance their mastery of the subject.

As a retired teacher, this clearly emphasized that Lolo Delfin is a true teacher from heart. Retirement does not hinder him from doing the noble profession that he loved. He also shared his happiness upon seeing these children and their company.

This story is an inspiration to all. Retirement is only a word if you decide to be someone who never stops yearning for knowledge. To teach students as a hobby even after retirement meant a lot and helped children. Lolo Delfin has the time of his life as a teacher in so many ways. – Clea | Helpline PH