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“PLANT FOR A CAUSE” For Project Balay Eskwela Learning Kit

“PLANT FOR A CAUSE” For Project Balay Eskwela Learning Kit

A famous adage says “A person’s most useful asset is not a head full of knowledge, but a heart full love, an ear ready to listen and a hand willing to help others.”

“PLANT FOR A CAUSE” FOR PROJECT BALAY ESKWELA LEARNING KIT is a humanitarian cause conceived in 2007 by no other than, an educator, a philanthropist and a person with a big heart, Dr. Marvin M. Rojo, the Assistant Principal II of Oton National High School, Municipality of Oton, Iloilo. Dr. Rojo is a public servant who is willing to extend help to others and to people who are in dire need, most especially the students who are marginalized. This advocacy was conceived during the time of Yolanda in 2013 where he and his friends extended help to the people who were affected by the catastrophic typhoon.

Being gifted with a green thumb, he started to buy seedlings of ornamental plants and has studied horticulture in his own backyard to produce blooming and beautiful plants. He planted different species of plants in his own garden not only for plain aesthetics but for helping others. In the ensuing period of time, he organizes, in his own little way, an advocacy: “PLANT FOR A CAUSE” FOR PROJECT BALAY ESKWELA LEARNING KIT.

Unknowingly and graciously, this humanitarian service by professionals and concerned individuals which started from a seed has then grown like a tree…blooming with beautiful and colorful flowers and yielding and bending with the sweetest fruits. From the plants, they have become money.

In this time of pandemic when many students are at risks in terms of their health and their education, he manages and procures learning kits to be given to the recipients – the less fortunate students in the elementary and high school of the Municipality of Oton, Iloilo. This simple advocacy is able to open the hearts of his friends and colleagues to buy his plants, especially during this time of pandemic.

Being a devoted Catholic, he draws inspiration from Mother Theresa, believing that “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” This basic principle warms his heart to ignite his hands to a burning fire in helping others. He is fervently praying that this advocacy would inspire others to do the same.

In a similar fashion, he believes that it is not about perfection and successful life that make someone shine, but it is about conscious effort, humanitarian care, and encompassing love in this trying time – when you bring these things every single day – which propel transformation to happen.

Change occurs when one shows authentic concern by helping others. By Jonard V. Verdeflor, T2 Leonora S. Salapantan National High School and Marvin M. Rojo, Assistant School Principal II of Oton National High School.