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Teachers to Parents: It is now your turn to watch over our students

Teachers to Parents: It is now your turn to watch over our students

A post about teachers’ message to parents in this quarantine period went viral online. It emphasize teachers task to be handled this time by parents. It is now the parents turn to look after with their kids and teach them good values and learning that are essential in life.

Read the message below and share your thoughts about it.

Dear parents,

How are you? It is now your turn to watch over our students. You will be the one to hold classes now. Here are the details of your curriculum:

Let us have first the attendance. If your kid goes out from your house without your permission, that is cutting classes. If he/she wakes up late, then that is late. Three tardiness is equivalent to 1 absent.

In your formative assessments, let your child do the dishes, wash clothes, cook meals, change linens and sweep the floor. These are small tasks that your kid should do to check his/her participation. This is 20 percent.

For your long tests, let your kid watch over the siblings. If no siblings, then let the child take care of the pets, water the plants and make sure nobody gets out from the house unprotected. These are difficult tasks knowing that your child is into gadgets these days. This is 20 percent.

For the child’s performance tasks, I suggest that your let him/her plant or do gardening, throw the garbage everyday, do general cleaning every week, disinfect the whole house and do proper hygiene like sanitize and cover nose and mouth every time your child will cough and sneeze. No room for mistakes here. This is 30 percent.

For the final exam, observe your kid after a month. There should be expected changes of behavior from being “silent” to active or from being lazy to proactive. I believe that 1 month ain’t enough but the kid should pass this. This is 30 percent.

If the overall grade is 75 above, your kid will graduate this May 2020. Wait for further notice if there will be changes.


As the teacher this time of your child, you need to be available for consultations. Talk to your child. Discover your child’s favorites, dreams, loneliness and happiness. Also talk about secrets, bullying incidents, and even depression. LISTEN Teacher parents. We teachers are doing that for the past years. There might be things we know that you do not know. Discuss about mental health. He or she could be suicidal. You need to be there. You give time. Let go of gadgets. Talk and hug them for me. Say I am sorry and I love you. Enjoy your classes with them. It is now your turn.

I miss my students. I miss them inside my classroom. This time, you can have your kid. Update me. By the end of this lockdown, we will let your kid evaluate you. Good luck! WIN THEM BACK!