BBM proposes 25 percent hike in minimum pay of public elementary and secondary teachers

Sen. Marcos proposes 25 percent hike in minimum pay of public elementary and secondary teachers

Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. has vowed to lift public school teachers from the borderline of poverty threshold.

This developed as Marcos filed a proposed measure to increase by 25 percent the monthly minimum salary of public school teachers.

Senate Bill No. 109 seeks to upgrade the present minimum Salary Grade 11 (SG 11) level to SG 15 level of public elementary and high school teachers.

If the bill is enacted into law, the present P18,594 (SG 11) minimum salary of the teachers will be raised to P24,887 (SG 15).

The salary grade level of those occupying higher positions shall also be adjusted accordingly. “As a result, the economic and social status of public school teachers across the country will be improved,” Marcos said.

Under Section 4 of the bill, the pay grade level upgrade will cover all public elementary and secondary levels, whether national or locally funded, including those in technical and vocational schools and state universities and colleges.

Marcos said that while the Department of Education continuously receives the largest share in the national budget of the country, the minimum salary of public school teachers remain lower compared with the salary of other professions.

“Worst, most (teachers) are in the borderline of poverty threshold,” said Marcos.

He said the Constitution itself recognizes the enormous contribution of the teaching profession, which requires great sacrifice and unparalleled dedication to reach out and impart one’s knowledge and experience to young minds.

“This is a fitting gesture of gratitude to our modern day heroes in public education,” he said.

Press Release
July 8, 2013


4 thoughts on “BBM proposes 25 percent hike in minimum pay of public elementary and secondary teachers”

  1. Mary Ann S. Daguio

    Dear President ,
    Thank you for increasing our salaries..with this action many of us (teachers) can get our ATM’s from the private lending company with very high interes…


    Thank you very much my president ever…….at last mkkuha na rin namin yung mga atm na nksanla…..

  3. Yam bacayo

    I am not ashamed Mr. President that I am one of the teachers na nag sangla ng atm just to help raise my own family and my parents especially when health finances is at stake….

  4. patricia penaroyo

    Yes,thank you sir President for being the CHANNEL of BLESSINGS not only to us teachers but also to our families and to the Church …community..its a domino effect

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