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As the new Secretary of Education, VP Sara Duterte is Hopeful about making Education better

As the new Secretary of Education, VP Sara Duterte is Hopeful about making Education better

VP Sara Duterte is already ensconced in her position as DepEd secretary. Teachers believe she can manage DepEd and transform the institution. Teachers are thrilled to welcome VP Sara Duterte as the new Secretary because, for a long time, both teachers and students needed a new face of education, like high-quality education. If the DepEd system is organized or made better, teachers will be more likely to teach and students will be more likely to go to school.

Numerous schools, particularly in the Visayas Region, which was devastated by Typhoon Odette, require immediate classroom renovations and new classroom construction. The update report for the damaged classrooms should be available to all division offices within Visayas Region VII. Those areas were heavily devastated by Typhoon Odette. It needs not only a survey but also action right away, since DepEd has been told to have face-to-face classes for this school year (2022-2023).

However, many classrooms are not yet ready and still need to be renovated or built. Where are the possible locations for the teachers’ and students’ classes? The delay in building rehabilitation and repairs should be a subject that Secretary VP Sara Duterte should also focus on and investigate. Was this problem already reported by the National? So VP Sara, the new Deped secretary, could only resolve this problem.

Former Secretary Leonor Briones has turn over her leadership of DepEd with VP Sara Duterte. VP Sara also bequeathed the Basic Education Development Plan 2013. Sara said that Briones will remain with DepEd as a consultant. According to VP Sara to her speech, “ma’am Leleng, you have completed your mission, you fought the good fight and we are all here today to celebrate the victories that you and the entire Department of Education have collected over the past 6 years of the Duterte administration”

Duterte also had an online meeting with some private school organizations. Duterte assured that she will focus on the quality of education in all public and private schools. According to outgoing Secretary Leonor Briones, VP Sara Duterte has a huge responsibility as secretary of DepEd with the largest budget in the Philippines and the largest number of employees in the country. DepEd has more than 1 million employees, 28 million are basic education students, and more than 628 billion pesos is allocated to DepEd in the 2022 budget.

Teachers, support staff, and parents can all have faith in VP Sara Duterte to effectively manage their children’s education. The only way for students to realize their ambitions is through education. If the education system in the Philippines is run well, it will produce more smart students because of the high quality of the education they get. – Doki | Helpline PH