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DepEd should now provide healthy travel allowance to teachers assigned far from their own hometown

DepEd should now provide healthy travel allowance to teachers assigned far from their own hometown

Travel allowance in DepEd is only given to non-teaching personnel but not teachers. At present, many young teachers travel from their hometown to their assigned school. Even with the localization in DepEd, still there are many teachers who endure the travels. This is because they don’t have a choice.

One of the pleas of these travelling teachers is a healthy travel allowance. The fact that travelling to and fro is not that very easy for them especially for their pockets. Travelling entails a lot of effort plus it is very expensive.

If only these traveling teachers be also given their own travel allowance, it will help them a lot. Most division offices can’t cater all their application for transfer of localization. The least thing the division offices can do is help teachers with a travel allowance.

Teachers assigned in the dangerous areas have their hazard pay already. If Deped can provide this, then they could provide these travelling teachers too. These teachers will be much grateful id this will push through some time soon. 

It is not easy to travel everyday or every week with many things to consider. Teachers who traveled a lot have to sacrifice many things. One of the sacrifices these teachers are to be far away from their family and loved ones.

If there is something Deped can do to help their teachers, then they could start by giving them this. Providing a travel allowance will help these traveling teachers save. On the other page, this will also help them not to worry about their travel expenses. In the present day where everything is very expensive, this will help.

Non-teaching personnel are not the only people who need travel allowance. Traveling teachers need it too, all the time as they are in service to the country. – Avril | Helpline PH