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Teacher’s reactions on GSIS plan to increase premium

Teacher’s reactions on GSIS plan to increase premium

The increase in salary this year for all teachers is late as it is last year. The small increase in the amount is a big joy to the teachers in this pandemic. Even with this little raise in the amount, teachers expect this to be a big help to them.

As soon as the teachers receive their increase in the month of February, GSIS also device their new plan. The timing is very exact. As soon as teachers receive their increase GSIS also plans to increase their premium.

Teachers are very sad to read this news. Reasons why they are negative on this plan are:

GSIS premium are high but if a member get sick, GSIS can’t even help.

Yes, they can’t help the teachers when sick. Teachers will have to look for other means to survive.

If the increase in the premium will push through, the increase in the salary this year is nothing.

Of course, the small increase will not even bother making a scene in our payslip. GSIS will have it all for themselves.

There will be nothing more left in the payslip of the teachers.

Our payslip remains nothing. We can’t feel the increase.

GSIS loans are longer to finish but still the interest rates are high then teachers can’t reloan.

It is very impossible for us to avail of a reloan and s we will struggle.

When teachers apply for a specific loan in GSIS, it will take how many days to process.

Yes, per my experience while applying for GFAL. After three days of traveling here and there to comply the requirements, I gave up.

Teachers when availing loans from GSIS kept going back and forth for the documents.

They need more and more documents and they won’t even care to give you exact instructions.

When a teacher retires from her post, GSIS staff will not even care when the retirees go to their office to inquire.

I saw a GSIS staff reprimanding an old retiree as if he doesn’t even know that his salary comes from our hard earned tax. The old retirees should be well respected and GSIS should see to it their pensioners are happy.

Teachers like me ponder if a time will ever come when a hero from our higher officials fight for us. – Clea | Helpline PH

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