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Good News! New Teacher Education Act

Good News! New Teacher Education Act

A teacher education program is important because effective teaching requires teachers to have a thorough understanding of their subjects. Free teacher training and postgraduate courses are particularly important, especially given that teachers are required to keep up with the improved technologies employed in these new normal set up.

If teachers want to pursue postgraduate studies, they can do so by applying for CHED scholarships. CHED can do more to help teachers enhance their learning and become more efficient and effective teachers for their students. Therefore, DepEd should implement this technique to develop teachers and make students’ learning meaningful.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has signed Republic Act No. 11713, also known as the “Excellence in Teacher Education Act”, which aims to strengthen the quality of education in the country and to make it accessible to all Filipinos.

Here are some of the key points of this new R.A:

  1. Establishing a scholarship program for students in the “Teacher Education Program”
  2. It enhances the Teacher Education Council.
  3. Institutionalizing the National Educator’s Academy of the Philippines.

This Republic Act is extremely beneficial to both teachers and students. The educational system must be reformed for students’ better futures. Because our country’s youth are the future leaders, they require a high-quality education to transform the country into a prosperous and progressive nation. The quality of education can thus be felt and observed throughout a person’s years of life serving and helping the country to raise people from the crisis. Help teachers develop is one of the priorities in teacher education programs.

Teachers believe that not only should these key points of this new R.A. be implemented by the government but also teachers’ salaries should be raised and other benefits should be enhanced because, no matter how much education is enhanced, if the teacher’s salary and benefits are not enhanced, the quality of education cannot be achieved. So, the government must reform not only to have quality education but also the salary and benefits of teachers. – Doki | Helpline PH

4 thoughts on “Good News! New Teacher Education Act”

  1. Mary Jane V. Jorolan

    Give sick leave to all teachers. Not to be credited from teacher’s accumulated service credits. Because service credits are earned by the teachers. sick leave is a privilege given to all employees. If it is credited from the service credits, then, the government did not give sick leave benefit to the employees.

  2. Promotion of techers who are very competent and have more than ten years in service should be emplented.Because I am 23yrs in service now but still Teacher I with 39 MA Units(CAR).I am sooo dismayed with our Division. Sooo i decided not to apply for promotion just wait my retirement age as T1.

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