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Struggles of traditional teachers in the Philippines in the 21st century setting

Struggles of traditional teachers in the Philippines in the 21st century setting

Teachers are flexible even if given a task in a very short period of time. They handle problems with great care and find solutions through resourcefulness. They train to do these responsibilities their whole lives. Teachers are skillful in many ways yet, there are also things that they struggle to navigate with.

Here are the struggles of teachers in the Philippines in the present setting:

1. Struggles with the use of modern technologies

Traditional teachers find it difficult to use computer desktop, laptop, and printers. This is what keeps them from doing their work faster. Nowadays, school reports are computer-based.

2. Internet navigation

Most of the traditional teachers need assistance in surfing or navigating the internet. It takes time for them to learn how to do it on their own.

3. Remembering their password to log-in in websites and other databases

Most of them forget their passwords so they can’t log-in immediately. They call the help of some ICT teachers do be able to complete their task.

4. New normal way of online education.

To note that since the eruption of the pandemic, the system of education also changed. Online education is now followed so traditional teachers are trying real hard.

5. Coping up with the newness of doing reports/lessons.

Most lessons and reports are computer-based. One click away and you got it. For traditional teachers, it is never easy.

6. Traditional teachers are stricter, young teachers are open-minded

The age gap between teachers in a certain school will also affect the environment. Traditional teacher are stricter compare to the 21st century teachers. Most of the time there is pressure when it comes to the characters and manners.

7. Sticking with their traditional ways are too much for the generation-Z students

We call students nowadays as generation Z. They have different characteristics. Their lifestyle is way too different with what we have decades ago. Traditional teachers find it hard to understand them in some aspects. Traditional teachers struggle hard in keeping up with the characters of these students.

Time flies so fast that we don’t even realize that our teachers also need some refreshers. It is to understand that all teachers pass through the same road. The young ones of today will become the traditional ones in the future. When that time comes, technology for sure is more advance that of today. So, it is the role of our younger teachers to help their elder teachers in every way they can. – Clea | Helpline PH

2 thoughts on “Struggles of traditional teachers in the Philippines in the 21st century setting”

  1. In my school i spend more time catching the works of my old colleagues like typing, printing and making narratives, editing so and so. Its quite a burden honestly. It really is. Cos i have many in my plate. And i need to do more for others too. I cant complain cos if u do ur judge that u don’t have respect.

    1. I dont think they would think of it like that..i guess being honest to your collegue will help you..tell them what you cant help them ..they should help themselves too..or also you in other ways.

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