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Sim cards given by DepEd to teachers are no longer getting load every month

Sim cards given by DepEd to teachers are no longer getting load every month

Sim cards given by DepEd are no longer getting load every month. Teachers are now complaining about this matter at present. Remember when the first DepEd simcard has always a corresponding load in it? It was the first simcard released to teachers. There was even teachers who complained about it for they can’t use it in their area.

Now, DepEd released another simcards (NEAP) which teachers find it hard to activate. These two sim cards given by DepEd are no longer getting any load every month. Teachers find it funny that they have so many simcards yet they don’t have enough gadgets to insert it to.

It is unclear if this problem is true to all teachers nationwide or not. Yet, many teachers complain that the simcard thing is useless now. Here’s why these simcards are now not useful:

1. Even before during the release of the first simcards, not all teachers were happy. Not all teachers can use it provided the area of some with no proper signal. The loads will expire unused. It is a waste of money, isn’t it? If only there were interventions made, but there was none.

2. There were two simcards and teachers get confused which is which? Is this not a waste of budget by DepEd? I guess each simcard cost a penny so in total of all simcards, it cost something big as well. Why not continue the first simcard?

3. Teachers confused themselves by the simcards they are holding. Some of them disregard the simcards because they can’t use it. They were still suing their own money for internet.

4. The simcards stop giving loads for some so in is now useless. If all these were true (no load) then what is the purpose of inserting those simcards for a longer period?

These simcards given by DepEd are no longer getting a load every month. So what is now the next move by DepEd? Will they issue another simcard again or not?Alec | Helpline PH

15 thoughts on “Sim cards given by DepEd to teachers are no longer getting load every month”

  1. Yah, that’s true. The first sim card has no longer given a load. On the other hand, I and some teachers in our school did not receive that NEAP sim card. Up to now, we are using our own/personal sim card and spend our own money for the load.

  2. Yes. This is very true. I don’t have load for both of these sim cards so I am using my own money to buy load for me to reach out my students.

  3. Tama po, first month lang ng pagkabigay meron load……nagpakitang gilas lang dahil binabanatan ni Marcoleta ang DepEd….masabi lang na may binigay silang libre..

  4. Yes it’s true. When they distributed the first sim, no clear guidelines what we have to do. I got my load on my first month but up to this moment, none. About NEAP load, you need to enroll courses in deped LMS but one course is one month load. If there’s no offered course, no load also.

  5. Yes, i have these 2 simcards. They have no loads already. I had uses all the data laod in my DepEd simcard while my NEAP sim has only 986mb now.

    Sometime in January, I received a text in my Neap sim, advising me to update my PDISso that I can receive load continously but until now, i have receive none.

  6. Much better instead of sim card distribution, Internet allowance of 1,500 per month be given. So we could just load our own personal sim that we know efficiently working on our respective location.

  7. Yes, so useless. Sayang lang ang pera na ginastos sa pagbili ng mga sims na yan. Wala naman palang silbi. Anyari sa Dep.Ed? Wla kasi nagtatanong? Mga deaf naman yata Dep.Ed, wla ring sagot..

  8. Me too we ca not used both sim because some area have no signal.. before that the sim of neap it’s hard to activate and also to register..until now mu sim in NEAP can not register. How will I do po in our problems. Can you solves this DepEd

  9. Mas okei NGA po ung Deped na SIM card KC nakapag zoom kpag NASA school at Hindi kya Ng internet nmin kesa dun s NEAP n SIM.

    1. Yes, since last January 2022 up to now diko na nagagamit ang deped sim na binigay nila at yong NEAP sim na sinasabi nila the other school nakareceive bali 2 sim lahat nakuha nila pero sa amin 1 sim lang di pa niloload. 😔🤫

  10. Nasa akin pa po ang 2 simcard na bigay ng Deped kaso walang silbi kasi walang load. Yung isang sim ay saka ko lang nagamit noong may nasagutan ako sa neap. Andaming hinahanap na mga requirements. Tanong ko lang po. Ilang milyon kaya ang nagastos ng ahensya para sa mga bagay na ito? Tama kaya ang ibinayad o overprice din gaya sa nangyari sa laptop issue? Sana po ay masabihan ang mga guro kung gagamitin pa ang naturang mga simcard para ang sariling simcard ang gamitin na naaayon sa gusto ng mga guro dahil yung iba ay walang signal sa kanilang lugar.

  11. DepEd wasted taxpayer’s money. It is useless buying sim cards for teachers when they cannot maintain loading it. What’s the use of those two sim cards? DepEd should use taxpayer’s money wisely and not spend them on useless spending.

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