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Radio announcer savage commentary on teachers’ vacation gained fierce reactions: a must read

Radio announcer savage commentary on teachers’ vacation gained fierce reactions: A must read

A radio announcer of Brigada News FM Dumaguete put teachers in a bad light because of his commentary. Tantan Lao Sabalones in his Tirada Brigada block time said things that were out of the blue. Isn’t it the works of journalists to fact check first their topics before they go live?

This radio announcer talks ill of the situation of the teachers at present. According to him, some teachers are complaining about their vacation. He said that a one month vacation is better than none. He said that teachers wanted that their vacation should be two months yet they have salary. He said that teachers have bigger savings because they don’t go to school yet they have salary. According to him, teachers are not that tired of their work provided they only have modules. His guts to say this is on the highest level!

He further said that teachers don’t go to school often, don’t spend for the fare, don’t have to wash their uniforms. This means they have bigger savings according to him. He even blurted out that teachers don’t use their strength during these times. (See full video)

This is what disappoints the community of teachers. This is only a manifestation that this radio announcer doesn’t know anything. Journalism shouldn’t be this way, it should be FACT CHECKED. Before you can comment on something, you need to know first what it’s like.

The radio announcer puts teachers in a bad light for his “unchecked comments”. He is a clear representation of an announcer that “does not know anything”. He does not show professionalism at all.

This radio announcer mocked teachers in every way he can. Teachers are fighting silent battles. They don’t need someone to tell them when and not to complain about their situations. If you are someone who doesn’t know anything then better shut your stupid mouth.

To correct this radio announcer for his blatant disrespect for us teachers, this is for you.

1. Teachers’ DON’T HAVE SAVINGS AT ALL for your information.

If you get jealous of the salary we have then why become an announcer? Why not become a teacher instead? For your information, teachers’ salary can’t even compensate their expenses for their classrooms. They have to budget their hard earned salary for their family and their classroom.

2. Yes my dear, we all go to the school EVERYDAY for your information. We all get to wash our uniforms, pack our lunch, buy our own snacks, pay for our fare. Why do you even care about this? If you see teachers not going to school everyday then it may be their work from home schedule. Regardless of that, you don’t have the right to tell us that in the first place.

3. For the record, TEACHERS USED ALL THEIR STRENGTH AND MIGHT for this modular learning. You don’t know how hard the situation is for us and why would you even care? We don’t need to explain this to you as well, do we?

Teachers don’t need to get an apology from this radio announcer. It is clear he does not know anything at all. Teachers do hope that he be able to walk their shoes for him to realize that he is mistaken.

Teachers deserve more than this. They only want to have a break for them to breathe. If you can’t relate to this then shut up because you don’t know what their reality is. For other people who mock at teachers, try to put on their shoes and you will know what exactly it is to be one. I am a teacher that is why I am more sad to listen to your stupidity at all cost. – Alec | Helpline PH