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Parents should protect data privacy of their children

Parents should protect data privacy of their children

Parents should protect data privacy of their children. Yet, there are still parents nowadays that don’t think before they click on social media. There are parents that are very excited to post their children’s achievements online. May it be a positive or a negative one, parents don’t hesitate to post it. These include:

  • Student Report Card
  • School Identification Card (I.D.)
  • Certificates
  • Learner’s Information
  • Diplomas
  • LRN

As parents, you must protect data privacy of your children at all cost. These kinds of information must stay discreet. Only the school and the immediate family have the right to access these.

DepEd also warns parents about this issue. The department considers this information as “highly classified”. Under any circumstances, parents should not post this information to social media.

This is where the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (Republic Act No. 10173) enters. According to DepEd, they protect the data and information they collect. The agency remains committed in safeguarding this privacy.

In the same manner, parents should also be aware of these violations. In the first place, as parents you should protect data privacy of your children always. It is also your responsibility to correct your children if they are the ones posting it on Facebook. Only DepEd personnel have the right to access these information for educational purposes.

Report cards and grades as well should be well kept. The dangers of posting these online may vary but at the same time will be very extreme. Dangers may include:

  • Identity theft or fraud
  • Criminal intent
  • Solicitations or extortion
  • Faking copies of original information and pass it on to fraudsters

Parents, students, and to everyone, avoid any temptation of posting your private information. As we all know, the social media is the root of everything may it be positive or negative. Always think before you click. Better yet, be discreet on social media and be safe. – Clea | Helpline PH