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Yay, BBM’s philosophy on teaching is the best: It boosts teachers’ hope

Yay, BBM’s philosophy on teaching is the best: It boosts teachers’ hope

President BBM’s philosophy on teaching was that he considered teaching to be a vocation. This is the best of BBM’s philosophy on teaching that teachers would be proud of. Based on the interview of BBM at the Town Hall Meeting on the SMNI news channel. One of the questions raised and addressed by BBM stated that “the teachers and other DepEd personnel need to be inspired and motivated to continuously deliver quality service to our learners.” Is there any program to support the scenario?

BBM said, “He is not confident that the teachers require inspiration because he views teaching as a vocation.” Teaching is a vocation, not a job or a profession. Have you seen millionaire teachers? There are no teachers who go to school for the money or the compensation; rather, what they do for their students is teach with passion. That is the teacher’s, genuine heart. That is why, even if they are already in trouble, they must make a significant sacrifice.

Most of the teachers are facing hardships in their lives. For instance, the teachers’ salaries are always late, and their benefits requests are not given, but they’re still teaching. Therefore, BBM always tells himself that teaching is the hardest work of all public officials because, aside from teaching, if visitors were coming, who would serve the guests? Who would cook it? Who would set up the venue? Who would organize? If there were a problem even beyond their teaching time, they would be called. If a family encountered a problem, the teacher was called.

So, BBM suggested that maybe teachers not only be given a special program; what’s best for teachers are the significant benefits that need to be given to the teachers. According to President BBM, not only should the educational system be beautified and organized, such as making the numerous lovely classrooms and having complete equipment, but it should also have strong support from our teachers, such as;

  1. Benefits and salaries for teachers
  2. Teachers must be retrained because, in this time of the pandemic, the world is rapidly changing in terms of how technologies are integrated, and technology integration is the ideal tool to employ. Teachers want assistance in learning how to use various technologies or other platforms in the classroom so that they can teach and apply them to their pupils.

BBM’s final statement is that these are the best teacher inspirations. His words bring teachers back to life and replenish their vitality, allowing them to live and teach students without financial stress and equipping them with technology to improve teachers’ teaching and students’ learning. Some teachers are the sole breadwinners in their households. Therefore, if teachers are having difficulties, they will be unable to provide 100% learning to their students.

Teachers respond positively to BBM’s philosophy on teaching because it is the best answer to their prayers.  President BBM’s assurance to teachers was to ensure that no teachers went abroad to teach or resigned from their positions to pursue better opportunities elsewhere. Teachers are pleased about BBM support this year, 2022. Based on BBM’s philosophy on teaching, it is that teachers must have considered teaching as a vocation before accepting a teaching position. The teachers’ opinions on BBM’s teaching philosophy are also a source of great pride for them.

Therefore, BBM should expect teachers to support his educational agenda. Teachers’ best interests are constantly supported and praised by him for his genuine heart for teachers. Teachers promise to engrave BBM’s name on their hearts. Teachers will be eternally grateful to the president for his concern for teachers’ salaries and benefits. – Doki | Helpline PH

6 thoughts on “Yay, BBM’s philosophy on teaching is the best: It boosts teachers’ hope”

  1. Thank you so much for making our dreams come true. It is indeed a great help to us as teachers that our salary will increase and enough benefits will be granted to us. We will not be worrying anymore on how we can send our siblings to college if we have enough salary. There are teachers who are bread winner to the entire family including her or his own family. Some of them are single parent who struggled enough to give a decent life of their children. They dont have even a decent house that can be fit to their profession as teacher.
    Furthermore, if these good news of our new president will be realized, we will be forever thankful for him. A happy and contented teacher can surely produce a good product of student who can be a productive citizen in the future.

  2. Thank you po for making our dreams…..hopefully the salary increase of teachers…honestly i am praying for salary increase at isa pa po may anak pa po ako na magkaka college at ako lng po ang nag wo work kasi disable na asawa ko kaya thank you po BBM para sa mga guro ka naka pukos …at sana po yung mga provisional teachers tuloy tuloy din po sa kanilang profession o mapermanent na sila thank you very much po sainyu godbless po🙏

  3. I really hope that as he promised to raise the teaxhers’ salary would come to reality. Teacher 1 would be receiving a salary of SG 15 this would solve our financial problems if this would be realized. Thank you very much PBBM.

  4. Nakakatuwa po na naa appreciate ninyo ang sakripisyo naming mga guro, kahit sa pagdaan ng maraming taon ay halos walang pumapansin sa aming mga hinaing. Sana po bawasan ang mga sangkatutak na reports at ibat ibang paperwork na sa totoo lang ay walang mapapala ang mga bata sa ganitong sistema. Sana ay ibalik ang 3Rs lalo na sa primary para may mastery ang mga bata sa reading,writing at math dahil sa ganoong paraan ay magiging matibay ang kanilang pundasyon. Napansin po kasi naming mga guro na padagdag ng padagdag ng lessons at subjects na hindi naman akma sa kanilang edad at nasasayang lang ang oras at panahon ng kapwa guro at estudyante. Sana po ay maiayos ang curriculum kasi ito po ang nakikita naming dahilan kaya pahina nang pahina ang produkto lalo na ng mga pang pumblikong paaralan. Salamat po PBBM. Mabuhay po kayo at ang bansang Pilipinas.❤✌

  5. Salamat Mahal na Presidente sa tunay na pagmamalasakit mo sa Amin,,,,Haan kami nga nagkamali nga nangibutos it Uniteam👏👏👏👏Makalung -aw kami metten🤗🤗🤗Bendisyonan nakayu ken ti pamilya Yu🙏🙏

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