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The pandemic is acting weird and it prolongs the agony of the students

The pandemic is acting weird and it prolongs the agony of the students

Did you observe that the pandemic is acting weird and it prolongs the agony of the students? I mean there is something going on with this situation we have right now. It is weird in the sense that it keeps on extending and in response, people suffered a lot. 

The economy is at its lowest. The government can’t do anything except to make sure that the people stayed at home. In this sense, the education system is also affected.

Here are my observations that proved that the pandemic is getting weird:

  • People get the vaccine yet the reports still have an increased number of Covid cases everyday. (how frustrating)
  • Every time that we felt the virus is subsiding, another mutation will erupt.(this will never end, we are being played at)
  • The virus is already a part of the new normal, yet the government is still very concern on the Covid cases reports. (are these reports real or not?
  • The government sets major protocols but these protocols are not followed. (like those election campaigns)
  • All sickness once treated in a hospital will fall to Covid even if it isn’t. (hospitals suck! They should end this nightmare because only the poor are affected)

Isn’t it weird? Something is going on with our system. We understand that they don’t want us to get Covid but if this virus is part of the new normal then we have to live with it. We have to live to the new normal and accept that flu-like symptoms will now fall to Covid.

Then because the pandemic is getting weird everyday, students also are stuck. It has been almost two years since the students did their modular learning. They also need to go back to the normal classroom settings to learn. The modules cannot give them long-term learning.

Two years and counting, if this will continue the students might lose their will to study anymore.Clea | Helpline PH