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Students are not required to wear uniforms for SY 2022-2023: Parents’ conclusive and practical stand on the matter

Students are not required to wear uniforms for SY 2022-2023: Parents’ conclusive and practical stand on the matter

Students are not required to wear uniforms this opening of classes for SY 2022-2023. This is the latest update from DepEd that made several divisions of thoughts online. To be exact, this is not new in DepEd. Not requiring the students to wear uniforms is already practiced in DepEd. The announcement is only a reminder for those who don’t know.

This matter made a division of thought and comments between parents and teachers. DepEd says students are not required to wear uniforms but many parents oppose to this. While some parents liked the idea, many are not convinced. Most of the parents prefer their kids to wear uniforms while going to school.

Here are some of the reasons why parents want their children to wear uniforms:

1. It is convenient for parents to have their children wear school uniforms.

If the parents are both working, having to wash 2-3 pairs of uniform is not much burden. If these kids will have to wear new clothes everyday, imagine the bulk of laundry it will give the parents. Aside from that, it will save your money from buying laundry detergents and fabcons.

2. Uniforms can be hand down from the eldest sibling to the young ones.

It will save a little part of the budget if the uniform is still usable for the younger siblings. There is no need to buy new clothing for it.

3. School uniforms will identify the school of your students. 

In case of emergencies, the school uniform is of big help especially search operations. It’s easier to identify students whenever mishaps/accidents happen.

4. Wearing of civilian clothes will create boundaries between well-off and underprivileged students. 

Parents as we are, we like to dress our children the way we wanted to be but this might cause a rift between students. This will also create insecurities and low self-esteem. This will build discrimination as well.

5. For the school security, uniforms are best worn. 

It is easy to recognize outsiders and strangers from the students.

6. School uniforms establish self-discipline and let students build self-control. 

School uniforms are sacred and whenever students wore them, they know they have to act in a proper way.

Students are not required to wear uniforms is a good idea to appease the difficulties we are facing. Yet, as parents if we want it, we will save for it. Wearing civilian clothes everyday is far more expensive.

If students are not required to wear uniforms, then let it be. It is now the school and the parents to settle things and discuss if they prefer to follow it or not. In short, you may or may not follow it. To be exact, only the Grade 1, Grade 7 and Grade 11 students will deal with it so far. Most old students can still continue wearing their uniforms as it is.Clea | Helpline PH