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Neap sim load disappears as soon as teachers now need it for sure for their face to face class

Neap sim load disappears as soon as teachers now need it for sure for their face to face class

Is your NEAP sim still working? Does it still getting load every month? Well, teachers are now asking why the NEAP sim load disappears as soon as the face to face started. The fact is that teachers need their NEAP sim right now because of so many activities. They need to have a stable and good data connection and this is possible with the NEAP sim onboard. NEAP sim is already a part of the teacher’s lives.

Teachers need their NEAP sim to be always loaded with data for them to be able to do their work fast. To recall, during the pandemic the  sim card still has load in it. It helped the teachers do their reports and virtual works on time. It helped them send their lessons to their student through their GC. It helped the teachers 95% of their work.

Now, when they needed it the most, NEAP vanished again. Yes, again since this is not the first time it disappears. Teachers do wanted the sim card because it is of big help to them. Aside form the fact that they can save their money on buying loads, they can also search anytime.

Sim card is something valuable to teachers so the load must also never stop. All sim card should be always loaded every month. The face to face classes do have many activities that need research and internet or data.

NEAP helped a lot with the activities of the teachers. Teachers will be happier if their NEAP sim accept load next month. Though not all teachers can use it due to the fact that their places have no signals, it is still helpful. What can they do? Well, teachers have to wait. For now, teachers can only wait for their sim cards to receive load once again.Avril | Helpline PH