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Teachers hoped to receive free laptops

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Teachers hoped to receive free laptops


The social media is recently flooding with posts of free laptops for the teachers. Upon reading articles and post like this, teachers have different reactions and comments. As a matter of fact, it has been how many years already that this news is circulating.

This news is not new to teachers all over the country. It’s as if they are already numb and news like this won’t excite them anymore. If DepEd could provide them with free laptops, then it should have been due when they promised to give it. For teachers, seeing is believing.

There may be some schools or some teaching or non-teaching personnel who received it. Yet, they are claiming online that free laptops are due to all teachers which is not true. Many regions in the country did not receive any of those promised.


Free laptops would be very helpful for teachers especially to those who don’t own one. It is a necessity for their work especially now that we are in the pandemic era. Providing teachers with laptops will ease the burden of the teachers. It will make their virtual seminars more conducive.

More than that, it will make their life easier especially on computing grades. Modern and traditional teachers alike are coping with changes in the online world. Buying their own personal laptops cost them much money.


Teachers actually are patient individuals and still hoping to receive their free laptops. Promises should be serious and they should not claim it over the social media. What’s true and transparent should always be in priority. It doesn’t matter if teachers have to wait for their free laptops as long as it is true. Waiting is not an issue since it has long been there and teachers are immune to it. Teachers are still hoping to receive free laptops soon. – Clea | Helpline PH